German football league Bundesliga With Tag Heuer Mens Replica

Tag Heuer Mens Replica is continuing focus on its connected watch through a partnership with German football league Bundesliga. Developed specifically for Bundesliga, the Tag Heuer Connected application is available exclusively to football fans who own the connected timepiece. The app will then become available to a wider audience of Bundesliga fans, who own smartwatches other than a Tag Heuer, after the end of the 2015/2016 football season.
Tag Heuer Connected Bundesliga Football AppThe app brings football matches directly to wearers’ wrists in a “available, discreet and informative” manner, allowing fans to know what’s happening during the game, but without the distraction of relying on a mobile phone. Tag Heuer envisioned an intuitive way to present a match’s score by placing the display between the numerals on the connected timepiece’s display. The app’s “interactive counters” are placed at 12 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock on the chronograph dial to show information clearly and straightforwardly, allowing for just a glance to see the score.

Tag Heuer Connected Bundesliga Football AppTo further personalize the app experience, Tag Heuer Connected users can select favorite teams to determine which scores are shown on the display. When inclined, a user can tap the scoreboard to receive additional information about the match. Upon doing so, a live ticker with the current score, the remaining time and the latest match events are displayed on the swiss replica watch face.

Additionally, when first launched, the app displays half-time whistles, substitutions, goals and yellow, yellow-red and red cards. When no matches are in play, the app will give a countdown to the next Bundesliga match.