Replica Watches Young Professional Graham – Gurnigel Bergrennen hill race

On 9-10 September 2017, the 200 racing cars and 50 motorbikes revving up for the Gurnigel Bergrennen hill climb, Switzerland’s oldest motorsport race, put their time in the hands of Graham watches price in india Replica in a long-term partnership. The brand has been named Official Timekeeper and Presenting Sponsor of the prestigious 3,743-metre race with its 17 bends and gradients of up to 12.6%.

Graham is well qualified for its role, thanks to various cooperations ranging from the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) to the GT Asia. The company’s founder Eric Loth also has a passion for cars that extends from engineering expertise to driving in races such as the Swiss Porsche Cup and the Gurnigel Bergrennen. As a brand that likes to stand out from the crowd, Graham was particularly attracted to involvement in an iconic road race in a country where circuit races are forbidden.
Lately, Loth also believes, unlike so many today chasing the tech watch innovations, that it’s once again the individual element – humanity’s metaphysical appreciation of art – that will make the watch industry survive the test of time. While Graham might appear to be the ideal match for the next high tech “smart watch” with military functions, Loth instead believes that the value in cellular technology and watches are not always linked and that the real value of “wrist technologies” hasn’t yet been uncovered. In an interesting sci-fi twist, he reveals to us that he considers chip-implant mobile technology is going to probably be discovered and publicly accessible within the next 10 decades. My cash is on the engineer. Anyone know any great chip improvement stocks?Eric Loth informs me that the Graham watch customer is somebody who has grown from the initial consumer stage of “needing to own a watch to help them fit in with everybody else.” The Graham customers are in a point of success in their private and professional lives where they find the freedom to think for themselves and do not necessarily wish to blend in with their peers. He informs me that the Graham customer is a customer who now appreciates being different and expressing themselves personally as such through their watches.

On board as the official watch of the two-day programme was the Silverstone RS GMT. The new Silverstone RS GMT timepieces epitomize this performance-driven partnership. They have a black-smoked openwork dial, ceramic bezel with GMT graduation and rubber or quilted leather straps.

Gurnigel Bergrennen hill race

Replica At Lowest Price Graham – Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon

Inspired by George Graham’s invention of the first Orrery in 1713, the Geo-Graham Orrery Tourbillon marries horology and astronomy. Sealing the union are genuine, carved elements of Mars and the Moon. Representing their namesakes in each watch, these materials enable celestial bodies to get in touch with their earthly side. The heart and soul of the piece is a manual orrery tourbillon exclusively crafted for Graham by Christophe Claret, evolved from the 2013 Graham anniversary edition. Rooted in the age of enlightenment three centuries ago, this horological masterpiece incorporates a 300-year calendar to carry enlightened timekeeping into the future.

As a former commander-in-chief of the Swiss Army, Eric Loth isn’t a stranger to the military lifestyle historically associated with the company he now heads. What makes him unique is his dual background in engineering and design which has shaped him into an intellectual, forward-thinking innovator in his company’s product designs as well as its corporate philosophy as a personally accountable member of the worldwide community.Eric Loth informs me that in the past, the company partnered with many organizations that were pure licensing agreements (i.e., we put the name on it, and pay you a royalty). “One day, I just realized that I found it all very dry. I started to think very differently and wanted to add in a human touch. I wanted it to mean something to humankind and really do something that created change,” he tells us.t was this idea of a “human touch” after his ah-ha minute that motivated him, his activities, and consequently, all the partnerships which Graham Watches has collaborated on since that time. Looking towards the future, Loth informs me he already has partnerships in the works with schools in Taiwan, aspiring watchmakers in Switzerland, and despite all the English military — all personally chosen by him and curated with his desire to mint his international citizenship.

Eta Movement Replica Watches Graham – Unique Bit Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT

Those who choose a Graham Chronofigher chronograph are already assured of having a distinctive timepiece. The left-handed configuration of the watch is already unusual, but its trigger mechanism is both unmissable and unmistakable. Watch aficionados can now secure a truly unique piece thanks to a personalised red 16 on the black ceramic bezel of this GMT model.

It’s well known that early pilots wore gloves to protect themselves against the freezing temperatures that prevailed outside cockpits that were protected from the elements either poorly or not at all. That’s why the crowns on the first pilot’s watches were oversized (sometimes called “onion” crowns) – a tradition that continues to this day. Graham, however, found a novel solution to the problem with the invention of a trigger mechanism that makes it possible to activate the chronograph function (hugely important for a pilot when flying by waypoints) with ease. Oversized chronograph counters and a large double-disc date also help to make the Chronofighter a supremely legible piece.

Unique piece Graham watch dealers Replica Chronofighter Vintage GMT

Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT, unique piece © Graham

In the Vintage GMT version, a central GMT hand with a prominent red arrow-head tip (filled with SuperLuminova) adds a second time zone to the display. A black ceramic unidirectional bezel with 24 positions even allows for a third time zone to be programmed: the standard hour and minute hands show local time, the 24-hour GMT hand shows a second time zone (simply multiply the hour the hand is pointing to for the 24-hour clock) and turning the bezel can set an additional off-set from GMT for the third time zone. A dark green sunbrushed dial with radial gradient and a matching green calfskin strap round off the vintage look.

Precision Swiss timekeeping is provided by the G1733 self-winding chronograph movement, which operates at 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz) and offers a power reserve of 48 hours. The movement can be admired beneath a sapphire crystal case back. Furthermore, 100 metre water resistance ensures that the Graham watches quality Replica Chronofighter Vintage GMT is well equipped for even the most demanding environments.
From the facts, the resulting watch is like a personal reflection of Loth himself – each facet precisely measured and only decided upon after a great deal of consideration. To give you an example, for only the carbon components, critical to the design’s weight specifications, Graham had to source from five completely different suppliers in extremely different industries to get the exact custom pieces created. This includes watch buckle makers, clearly, but also developers of medical grade carbon, plane brake makers, auto makers, and even hockey stick manufacturers — in case you were wondering, the signature Chronofighter cause for this piece must be developed in a multi-layer way, the exact same way that a hockey stick is created, to be super mild and springy.Secondly — cool variable — were you aware that the US military recently altered the pattern of the camouflage to adjust to the digital era? Neither did I, but based on Mr. Loth’s explanation, the US military has developed a new camouflage pattern which accounts for the pixelated images in enemy satellite tracking of our troops, helping our folks conceal better. Additionally, unique, almost mathematical, camouflage patterns are designated to specific missions so that tactical teams may quickly recognize if an enemy has stolen a uniform and is trying to infiltrate a present on-the-ground mission. Graham’s new Navy SEAL Chronofighter is the first commercial product on the market to apply this new digital camo design.

This unique piece is available exclusively from WorldTempus for 7,450 Swiss francs.

Anyone interested in purchasing this unique watch should send an email to WorldTempus’s director, Brice Lechevalier ([email protected]), co-creator of this one-of-a-kind model and your personal contact for all requests.


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Replica Watches Free Shipping Graham – Chronofighter Vintage Aircraft Ltd

The bottoms on the dial representing the celestial bodies have been positioned in a way that the wearer could see their relative positions to one another such as a traditional planetarium does. Nonetheless, in this situation, only a small part of this solar system is in view, so perhaps that is why Graham originally called it a “planetarian?” If you consider the diamond and engraved tourbillon situation as sunlight, then it’s possible to see the elegant design with the Earth and its orbiting moon, as well as the red-colored world that represents Mars.The elliptical orbit of Mars relative to Earth and the Sun are exhibited through the trail lines on the dial. The Earth’s path doubles as either a Gregorian calendar in addition to Zodiac calendar. For you into the mood for the classic theme, the weeks on the dial are written in their own “original” Latin. Unlike the dark gray face of the first Orrery view, this Graham Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon 2017 edition has a blue face.The movement interior of the Graham Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon is the caliber G1800 Tourbillon Orrery which works at 3Hz (21,600bph) with a power reserve of three days. The watch case is big in 48mm broad (17.6mm thick) and is generated from 18k pink gold. Water-resistance is 50m… so have a light swim while knowing how far Mars is out of our blue planet. This reference 2GGBP. U01A Graham Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon watch will be limited to eight bits, and I believe the cost is exactly the same $330,000 as the first model.

The latest additions to the iconic Chronofighter family, with its signature stop-start trigger, are rebels with a very clear cause. Four different watches, each produced in a limited edition of 250, derive their distinctive identity from 44mm aged metal with grey PVD cases. A sophisticated accelerated aging process gives the old metal aspect to the steel case initially coated with dark grey PVD.

The inspiration palette for the new watch spans from 1940s military aircraft to the gunmetal grey furniture at home in the hippest of Manhattan lofts. This opens up a gripping storybook that invites the imagination to explore historical aviation milestones, the reach of vintage in the design world and the love of turning yesterday into tomorrow.

This message of edgy nostalgia, DNA of the entire Chronofighter Vintage series, is underlined by riveted dials with radial gradient and vintage colours, indexes and hands. Ensuring the historic aviation inspiration remains on the radar screen, one reference has a picture of the British Royal Air Force’s Halifax aircraft stamped on the case back, while the other three references have a see-through sapphire case back.

Chronofighter Vintage Aircraft Ltd

The Chronofighter Vintage Aircraft Ltd models are powered by the automatic chronograph movement Calibre G1747, with incabloc shock absorber. Beating at 28’800 A/h (4Hz), it offers a 48-hour power reserve and a day-date at 9 o’clock.

The watches are fitted with aged green or beige cotton canvas strap, or  anthracite and blue denim strap, with titanium pin buckle.


Chronofighter Vintage Aircraft Ltd

Replica At Lowest Price Graham – Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art Ltd

The lady is one of the mascot featured on each of the four 100 limited editions of the Chronofighter Vintage series. Glamorous illustrations, in the style of those first applied to military planes in the 1940s to bolster military morale, turn these timepieces into appealing statements of hope and freedom.

The spheres onto the dial representing the celestial bodies have been positioned in a way that the wearer can see their relative positions to one another like a conventional planetarium does. Nonetheless, in this situation, just a small part of the solar system is in view, so perhaps that is why Graham originally called it a “planetarian?” If you think of the diamond and engraved tourbillon situation as the sun, then it’s possible to observe the elegant layout with the Earth and its orbiting moon, as well as the red-colored sphere that represents Mars.The elliptical orbit of Mars relative to Earth and the Sun are exhibited through the trail lines on the dial. The planet’s path doubles as both a Gregorian calendar as well as Zodiac calendar. To get you in the mood for the timeless theme, the months on the dial are composed in their own “original” Latin. Unlike the dark grey face of the first Orrery view, this Graham Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon 2017 variant has a blue face.The motion inside of this Graham Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon is the caliber G1800 Tourbillon Orrery which operates in 3Hz (21,600bph) with a power reserve of three days. The watch case is large at 48mm wide (17.6mm thick) and is produced from 18k pink stone. Water-resistance is 50m… so take a light swim while understanding how far Mars is out of our blue planet. This benchmark 2GGBP. U01A Graham Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon watch is going to be limited to eight pieces, and I believe the price is the same $330,000 as the original version.

Replica Watches Buy Online Selection – Automobile

As partners of automobile manufacturers, events or racing teams, watch brands outdo each other in seeking imaginative ways of bringing to the wrist the spirit of major competitions and the style of legendary cars.

Graham Silverstone RS GMT : CHF 9,200.–

Equipped with a 24-hour dual-time display appearing on the graduated ceramic bezel, this limited series is also the official watch of the highly regarded and typically Swiss Gurnigel hill-climb road race !


Silverstone RS GMT © Graham

Baume & Mercier Clifton Club Shelby Cobra : CHF 7,650.–

The latest creation from Baume & Mercier and Caroll Shelby evokes the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé. This titanium and steel chronograph is making a noteworthy first incursion into the Clifton collection.


Clifton Club Shelby Cobra © Baume & Mercier

Bell & Ross BR126 Renault Sport 40th Anniversary : CHF 3,900.–

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its partner Renault Sport’s first appearance in the world of Formula 1 motor racing, Bell & Ross has developed a model inspired by the 1977 single-seater R.S. 01, a steel chronograph with a resolutely vintage style.


BR126 Renault Sport 40th Anniversary © Bell & Ross

Bulgari Octo Maserati GranSport : CHF 11,900.–

The Octo Maserati 2017 models display jumping hours and retrograde minutes with all the clarity of a dashboard. For fans of the super-sporty brand with the trident emblem : a black DLC-treated GranSport model.


Octo Maserati GranSport © Bulgari

Singer Reimagined Singer Track 1 : CHF 42,985.–

The young watch brand named Singer Reimagined, a subsidiary of Singer Vehicle Design, chose the Monterey Car Week 2017 for the first presentation in the United States of its revolutionary Track 1 chronograph.


Singer Track 1 © Singer Reimagined

Montblanc Time Walker Chronograph 117051 : CHF 19,900.–

At the Festival of Speed de Goodwood 2017, of which it has become official timekeeper, Montblanc presented a chic new pink gold model : the Time Walker Chronopraph Automatic.


Time Walker Chronograph 117051 © Montblanc

Lately, Loth also considers, unlike so many now chasing the technology watch inventions, that it’s once again the individual element – mankind’s metaphysical appreciation of art – that will make the watch business survive the test of time. While Graham watches 2017 Replica would appear to be the perfect fit for the next high tech “smart watch” with military functions, Loth rather believes that the significance in cellular technology and watches are not always linked and that the true value of “wrist technology” has not yet been uncovered. In an intriguing sci-fi twist, he reveals to us that he believes chip-implant mobile technology will be discovered and publicly accessible within the next 10 decades. Anyone know any great chip development stocks?Eric Loth tells me that the Graham watch client is one who has grown out of the initial consumer stage of “needing to have a watch to help them fit in with everyone else.” The Graham clients are at a stage of success in their personal and professional lives where they discover that the liberty to think for themselves and do not necessarily wish to blend in with their peers. He informs me that the Graham client is a customer who now appreciates being different and expressing themselves personally as such through their watches.

Bulgari Octo Maserati GranLusso : CHF 28,900.–

Parternsing Maserati since 2012, Bulgari has unveiled the latest fruits of their cooperation at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. In this GranLusso version, the Octo Maserati appears clothed in pink gold.


Octo Maserati GranLusso © Bulgari

Eberhard & Co. Chrono 4 130 : CHF 5,340.–

Timekeeper and Official Partner of the Gran Premio Nuvolari, Eberhard & Co. seized the opportunity of the opening cocktail to present its latest creations, notably including the Chrono4 130 introduced to mark its 130th anniversary.


Chrono 4 130 © Eberhard & Co.

Low Price Replica Graham – space, the Sky and The Streets

There are around a dozen great inventors who have left an indelible mark on the history of watchmaking. George Graham is one of them. He was a pupil of Thomas Tompion, a teacher of Thomas Mudge and a friend of John Harrison. He spent the first half of the 18th century influencing and being influenced by the founding fathers of contemporary watchmaking. He was a watchmaker, geographer and a member of the Royal Society, the world’s first and for a long time most important science academy. Unlike many of these legendary names, Graham’s has been adopted by a watch brand that respects this illustrious heritage.

For 2017, the Orrery is back with some aesthetic tweaks as well as a nomenclature refinement, currently being known as the “Graham Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon.” |} The important “news” is that the planetarium-style screen which has the Sun, Earth, Moon, and Mars on the dial today has distinct substances for the planets and the moon. The Earth is represented by a 3.2mm-wide polished sphere of Kingman Turquoise, although the moon (0.9mm wide) and mars (1.7mm wide) are every respectively made from meteorites which have fallen to Earth and therefore are said to have originated from the planetary bodies they represent.The largest solar system feature on the dial would be the sunlight, which is represented in authentic baroque style using a hand-engraved 18k pink stone bridge across the tourbillon that if you look closely has double phoenix heads in it. All of this is said to be inspired by a system made by the manufacturer’s namesake, George Graham, very a long time ago.
La route, le ciel, l'espace

A historic movement by the original Geo.Graham © Graham

Graham is a Swiss brand headquartered in La Chaux-de-Fonds, but the company’s watchmaking approach is anchored in British tradition. Its products, complications and aesthetics are imbued with a spirit of Britishness. Graham’s ranges include the Chronofighter, a unique collection of chronographs, and Silverstone, inspired by the eponymous motor racing circuit and the British competitive spirit. The association is evident even in the watches’ colour palette.


Many people will be surprised to learn that Graham was developing interesting and unique variations to the materials, shapes, colours and detailing on its watch straps well before the current vogue, featuring quilted leather reminiscent of racing car seats, rubber straps made to look like tyre treads, and giving pride of place to British Racing Green well before it was trendy. Graham also uses sandy colours reminiscent of the uniforms of the British Desert Rats, sky blue for the motor racing chronographs, stealthy black with carbon fibre, and flashes of orange to enhance the racing vibe of the Silverstone RS Endurance. These are just a few examples of Graham’s willingness to take risks in opening up new design horizons.

La route, le ciel, l'espace

Silverstone RS Racing © Graham


Like all the English, Graham expert watch Replica drives on the wrong side of the road. In fact, no other brand has offered so many models with a left-handed crown, over such a long period. As these watches are also chronographs, they are also activated from the left. This configuration is a unique feature of the Chronofighter range, which has the chrono pusher integrated into the crown (evidence of a bespoke movement). The pusher-crown is connected to one of the most recognisable gadgets in the watch world – the industrial-looking trigger that starts and stops the chronograph. It’s shaped to fit the finger perfectly, and its finish is particularly meticulous. You won’t see anything else quite like it. Another advantage of being located on the left of the case is that the trigger slides under the shirt sleeve. This means that its bulk is not necessarily a disadvantage, as it can easily be hidden away.

La route, le ciel, l'espace

Chronofighter Vintage GMT WorldTempus limited edition © Graham


Graham’s collections are imbued with a military spirit, which expresses itself in military watches, military paraphernalia and military colours. The Chronofighters come in a Nose Art variation, with dials featuring some of the pin-ups that decorated the noses of Second World War planes, including the RAF’s B17. The Vintage Aircraft versions provide a retro cockpit experience, with a vintage take on hands and typefaces. In short, these watches are carefully designed to capture a very specific aesthetic, but their appeal is not limited to World War Two buffs. Far from it. Chronofighters also come in carbon fibre, with coordinating camouflage dials. There are even some limited editions that pay tribute to Navy Seals.

La route, le ciel, l'espace

Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art © David Chokron/WorldTempus

The skies

But Graham’s origins are in the night skies. George Graham was a geophysicist, and he took a particular interest in the planets. This scientific influence can be found in the Geo.Graham range. The name is a reference to the master horologist’s signature, as it appeared on his clocks and pocket watches. The most obvious tribute is the Tourbillon Orrery. An orrery is a moving model that recreates the motions of all or part of the solar system. This wristwatch has an openworked grille at its centre (featuring a stylised phoenix), a tribute to 18th-century English escapement covers. Here, however, the escapement is inside a tourbillon cage. The watch’s distinctive complication indicates the positions, relative to the Earth, of the Moon, Mars and the Sun. It is combined with an annual zodiac calendar. All of this is set against an enamelled background with planets represented by gemstones. Here too, in both the choice of complication and its aesthetic approach, Graham does everything in its own inimitable style.

La route, le ciel, l'espace

Geo.Graham Tourbillon Orrery with black dial © Graham

Replica Watches Young Professional Graham – A new partnership with Club Porsche Romand

As a brand that’s gone by what some consider a radical change over the last 20 years since Loth took the helm, many are wondering exactly what to expect next. These days, however, Loth confirms to us that Graham watches online Replica Watches has finally hit it’s stride, and the essential projects they have helped build during this time of growth, not just for the new but for the global community, has generated a solid future which we’ll see develop through our younger generations. In reality, he believes that we will look back and recognize that history has been created now. As they say, watch what occurs next.Price for the Graham Chronofighter Oversize Navy SEAL Foundation featured in this article is $8,050, and it’s limited to 500 pieces, using a portion of each sale going into the Navy SEAL Foundation.Graham has just announced a new version of its Moon Watch, which has an outsized moon phase indicator and flying tourbillon. It now comes in a 18k white gold case, with a dark sapphire bezel and a black dial adorned with diamonds — all brought together in an effort to make the beautiful and colossal Moon stand out on the dial even more.For this season, Graham is releasing a new variant of its Graham Geo.Graham The Moon Watch that is similar in most facets, but has an 18k white gold case and black dial instead. It’s difficult to choose between them both, but I believe this new black dial version catches the spirit of the moon more fully and I particularly like the way that it contrasts against the diamonds that are set from the dial. To wrap it all up, this new Graham Geo.Graham The Moon Watch also has a black Milky Way sapphire painted bezel.The new Graham Geo.Graham The Moon in white gold will include a matching black crocodile strap and will be restricted to only 8 pieces, and is priced at $295,000.

Affording a presence all over Europe, the Anglo-Swiss brand with petrol in its veins and heritage is joining forces with the Club Porsche Romand in a comprehensive branding partnership. This will cover everything from visibility at eight European circuits, including the Autodromo do Estoril in Portugal and the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, to social media collaborations.

A new partnership with Club Porsche Romand

Motor racing has played a crucial role in Graham’s history in terms of direct involvement and product inspiration. Sponsorship of the Brawn GP F1 team from 2009 to 2011 was rapidly followed by cooperations with the Swiss Porsche Cup, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, the Baja 1000, the GT Asia Series and the Sprengler Cup. Association with the famous Silverstone circuit in the UK and the role of official timekeeper of the Swiss Gurnigel Hill Race have complemented an already impressive portfolio.


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Some believe the rainbow leads to a pot of gold. Graham suggests carbon may be a more exciting destination. Its new Chronofighter Superlight Carbon watches integrate the inspiration of dynamic coloured Formula One tyres. The brand with petrol in its veins and style on the brain presents timepieces that fuse superlight carbon technology with supercharged looks.

Taking a look at the dial of this Graham Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon, it’s easy to get confused as to what you are seeing, although in fact the idea is rather simple. First are the off-centered hands for your hours and the moments that are why the merchandise is worth toting around in your wrist. Then, there’s the tourbillon under the engraved cage which lends “haute horology” cred into the piece. From that point, you have the more interesting astronomical acts which seek to monitor the relative movements of the Earth, Moon, and Mars about one another, as well as the sun. Heaven forbid you let the 72-hour power reserve wind down and need to reset this functionality yourself.One added function is a 100-year indicator on the back of the watch on the motion. Around the periphery of this movement is a year scale to track the present year. Graham includes two extra disks with the watch which can be set up by means of a watchmaker for two additional hundred year periods. Sometimes I really wish I had a time machine if only to find out what’s happening with these watches 290 years into the future.
Chronofighter Superlight Carbon

© Graham

The strong Graham affinity with motor racing is more than skin-deep. Sponsorship of the Brawn GP Formula One team from 2009 to 2011 preceded partnerships with the Swiss Porsche Cup, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, the Baja 1000, the GT Asia Series, the Spengler Cup, Silverstone circuit, the Swiss Gurnigel Hill Race and the Club Porsche Romand. The combination of carbon, a pillar of contemporary racing car prowess, and the head-turning tyre colours, accurately reflect these watches’ intrinsic union of appearance and performance. Unlike with the tyres, the straps’ functionality is weather-independent so their robust rubber composition is constant. It goes without saying that none of these pieces is for “softies”. Orange conveys anticipation, green action, and purple asserts itself confidently as the new red. With their integrated “Clous de Paris” pattern, these stylish, bold attachments are as out there as a pace car.

Chronofighter Superlight Carbon

© Graham

In racing, weight definitely does matter. In the Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon it does too. Weighing in at less than 100 grams each, these sporty timepieces are never slow off the grid. The case, trigger, bezel, dial and buckle are made of the innovative superlight carbon that’s become the 21st century hallmark of Formula One car construction. The resultant watches’ lightness could cause them to become forgotten; their distinctive design with the iconic trigger ensures that’s not going to happen.

Grade 1 Replica Watches Graham – Graham at Technicolor in Baselworld

In 2017, Graham made quite a splash with its Nose Art watches, which were original, creative, fun, slightly cheeky, but elegant at the same time. Their dials sported knockout pin-up girls in a spirit of 1940s and 50s Americana. What happened last year was far from ordinary, and the implications were much bigger than a successful limited edition would normally entail. Graham had brought its Chronofighter to the attention of a wider public. Up to that point, the XXL-format watch was largely unknown except to a select audience of extreme watch collectors. The Nose Art range changed all that. It was up to Graham to build on the momentum in 2018.

Subtle hues

The watchmaker has come to Baselworld with three responses. First, there’s the Grand Vintage collection. It’s a relatively straightforward exercise: the same blues and greens that have largely dominated Baselworld this year (after black and grey), distressed straps, lightly smoked dials and a generous 47 mm diameter. The recipe has been an instant success, even if there are plenty of other brands at Baselworld using the same combination of ingredients. Conclusion: a good product but perhaps missing that star quality. 

Graham in Technicolor at Baselworld

New Grand Vintage models with a leather strap © Graham

Graham in Technicolor at Baselworld

New Grand Vintage models with a rubber strap © Graham

Graham’s second response is the Chronofighter Superlight. We caught a glimpse of it before Basel. This is a far more original creation: XXL format but ultra-light and colourful. The company has deployed no fewer than nine references, none of which weighs more than 100 grams, including strap. This watch marks a return to Graham’s rebellious spirit, with combinations of colours and materials that pay little mind to existing conventions.

Graham in Technicolor at Baselworld

The Chronofighter Superlight Carbon in different colours © Graham

From Nose to Noise

Graham’s third and final riposte takes the codes of the successful Nose Art series and transfers them into a new model known affectionately in-house as… Noise Art! The idea is to move from a military-inspired series to a collection that conveys the rock ‘n roll spirit of the same era (the 40s and 50s), channelling images of drive-in movies and Happy Days.

Graham in Technicolor at Baselworld

Noise Art: Chloé and Lucia © Graham

Linda, Belle, Chloe and Lucia take up provocative poses on black, grey and blue dials in four limited series of 100 watches each. For the time being, the recipe still seems fresh and innocent. In 2019 the novelty will probably have worn off, and we can expect Graham to either retire its pin-ups or give them some kind of makeover. For instance, they would lend themselves to animation, with a leg indicating the time, or they could bring in some SuperLumiNova. That will ensure that this cult double collection, Nose Art and its successor, Noise Art, remain prized collectors’ items.

Graham in Technicolor at Baselworld

Noise Art: Belle and Linda © Graham

The miniature Copernican system will exhibit 100 successive years of planetary motion, with two extra graduations of 100 years producing 300 total years of accurate demonstration. On top of this blue-lacquered dial, Gregorian and Zodiac calendars encircle the tourbillon bridge and can be read by the placement of the turquoise ground figurine.With such a celestial viewpoint, this is the kind of timepiece that arouses a romantic interpretation of the passing hours and minutes rather than one of pure functionality. By creating a living monument to the solar system on the wrist, the Graham watches arabic Replica watchmakers are providing a God’s eye perspective into the middle of something all of humanity is affected by, but may never see in the outside.Check out the other watches which debuted at WatchTime New York this year: The TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition, The Longines Navigation BigEye, The Bremont 1918 Limited Edition, and four new A. Lange &; S?hne timepieces with gloomy dials.Love it or hate it, the tendency of the vintage-inspired watch appears to show no signs of slowing down. For sure, these watches might lack creativity by definition; but in exactly the exact same time, it has also given rise to a genuinely great new watches such as Tag Heuer’s Autavia and Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Master Geographic. In any situation, you will find loads more of these watches being published, but one of the most fascinating new pieces is the limited edition Graham Chronofighter Vintage Aircraft Ltd.. Let us take a look at why this collection of vintage-inspired watches is worthy of attention.