We had been cautioned that conditions for the 77th version Bol d’Or Mirabaud would be quiet and variably, transforming the race into a test of tolerance and focus for the 500 contestants. Toward the end of a “poker” race as some had anticipated, it was the youthful group of “Group Tilt”, skippered by Sébastien Schneiter, (he’s just 19 years of age!) that  completed first and foremost, only 18 seconds in front of Ernesto Bertarelli’s Alinghi. Ladycat controlled by Spindrift Racing, skippered by Dona Bertarelli, finished the platform this year, which was stamped by light winds on the outward leg and a rainstorm in transit back.


At the leader of the flotilla, the D35s, the Formula 1 on the lake, were secured a serious strategic fight. After the beginning weapon shot at 10am in the bursting sun, Ladycat fueled by Spindrift Racing immediately advanced ahead along the northern Swiss shore of the lake before being obstructed in by Realtime and Tilt when drawing closer the defining moment at Le replica watches Bouveret. The lead changed a few times in transit back to Geneva. Around 8pm, vicious tempests broke out with solid blasts of wind, with Team Tilt capitalizing on the changing conditions to lead the pack. With Alinghi hot on their heels, the youthful group went too far as the champ following 12 hours, 5 minutes and 58 seconds, as per the Hublot time set up at the Société Nautique de Genève particularly for the event.

For the third back to back year, Hublot was the Official Timekeeper of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud. The brand has dependably had close connections with the universe of the ocean and cruising, both through its name (“hublot” implies opening in French) and the state of its watches, additionally because of associations, for example, those with the Monaco Oceanographic Museum and its Institute. Since it was the 77th release of the regatta, Hublot revealed an uncommon version of its Classic Fusion Chrono in dark artistic that is restricted to 77 numbered pieces. The dial, bezel and strap of this game chic model are in carbon fiber, a Replica Patek Philippe cutting edge material that is especially refreshing by sportspeople and prestigious for its delicacy and stun resistance. A strap in carbon fiber sewed onto to blue elastic finishes the group.

High quality swiss hublot aero bang replica watches look just a tad bit more various

Look more closely, the two watches on this page are different. Though seriously – while these are cool looking -you’d feel that hublot aero bang replica watches might have planned to make them look just a tad bit more various. The major difference certainly is the case. One is in a big Bang case, and the other is in a King Power scenario – though you’ll agree that at the cursory glance they look almost an excessive amount of alike. One of the advantages of the similarities is the fact they are both “Aero” watches. These are usually skeletonized chronographs. Thus, the names of theese watches would be the Hublot Aero Hang Bal Harbour and the Fake Hublot King Power Aero Many Black Bal Harbour. Got that?

High quality swiss hublot aero bang replica watches look just a tad bit more various

Each will be on a just 25 pieces and will be available at Hublot’s Bal Harbour boutique (undecided whether that is a privileged or not). The boutique there is fresh. Bal Harbour is any high-end mall in Miami Beach which is seemingly filled with watch stores!If you are a watch lover and live in or visiting Miami, you should wear your very best self clothes, and go check this out.

The color scheme with the hublot aero bang replica watches remind me use many of the Bell & Ross BR Historical past watches – that also features black cases in addition to dial with tan band. The “Bal Harbour” branded straps also remind me of the on the Bell & Ross BR01 History model. Instead of going for the “aged look” these Hublot watches are attempting to recall the look associated with sand. Working with Bal Harbour within Miami Beach, the boutique is located close from the shore, and Hublot hopes customers will feel an association to the sand hued straps while shopping in the area. At least that would be the idea. The khaki-esque color is constantly on the the hands and hour markers on the dial, as well as elements in the event that. You have to admit the watches online store have a very retro military feel for them.

The hublot aero bang replica watches each include Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movements that have been skeletonized in-house by Hublot. While the movements are each skeletonized, the designs are each a bit different. You can see Hublot’s handiwork when skeletonizing 7750’s around my article on the Hublot California king Power Monza here.

The hublot aero bang replica watches is 44mm wide while King Power model is 48mm wide. The cases are a combo of black ceramic, composite resin, titanium, and rubber. Pretty much the remaining watch you should already be informed about if you’ve looked in Aero Bangs or King Power chronographs during the past. Each of these a couple limited edition watches for Bal Harbour is going to be limited to just twenty five pieces each. Not sure about cost, but they will become over $20, 000 each.

Speedy Tuesday – Speedmaster GTG Düsseldorf Event Report

A few weeks ago we announced that we would host a Speedmaster GTG in Düsseldorf and last Saturday was ‘the day’. As close to the 20th of July as possible, when the moon landing took place in 1969. In this article you will find our event report, with lots of images taken during the day and evening.

Speedy Tuesday – Speedmaster GTG Düsseldorf Event Report

If you were there we hope you had a blast and if you were not there, I hope it is an inspiration to join us next time. A special thank you to Christopher Haas who helped us finding a great location for the event and who made the reservation. Another thank you to all 30 guests who joined us last Saturday. We had a wonderful time and were happily surprised buy the watches you brought with you, the knowledge about Speedmasters and watches in general and of course the fact that everyone interacted so easily with each other. Some traveled from far, or had to deal with big traffic jams but in the end everyone who confirmed showed up. Awesome! There were Speedmaster enthusiasts from Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Speedy Tuesday – Speedmaster GTG Düsseldorf Event Report

We saw Speedmaster watches as early as from 1960 (CK2998) to the latest models (e.g. Dark Side of the Moon and Apollo XI 45th Anniversary editions), all watches were treated with the utmost respect by the visitors. Furthermore, guests politely asked up front if they were allowed to bring other watches as well. Of course! So there was a lot more to see from other Omega collections as well as some very collectible pieces from other brands like Heuer and Rolex.

We planned to have drinks and later on a dinner. Everyone was there at 16:30 and most of them stayed to the very end. Some had traveled for hours to be able to join the Düsseldorf edition of our Speedmaster GTG events, so I was surprised everyone was there on time. The location was in the city centre of Düsseldorf, near the famous K? (K?-Bogen, an interesting architectural building, designed by Liebeskind). A very busy and crowded shopping area with lots of swiss online replica watch dealers and retailers. Unfortunately not an Omega boutique (or Tourbillon Boutique) in that area, but it would fit there perfectly.

In a special and separated room in the restaurant, guests of the Speedmaster GTG enjoyed drinks and food. Some brought a suitcase or boxes filled with Speedmasters, others just had one and a few had no Speedmaster yet but they’d asked if they could join as they were planning to buy one in the near future and could use some inspiration on what model to buy. From what I’ve heard from them at the end of the evening, they are certainly aiming to buy one soon.

The technical knowledge on the Speedmasters from the guests was impressive. The eye for detail on the older models and some of the limited editions was interesting to witness. Loupes were brought in to check some of the details on dials and movements. Authenticity and originality are very important when it comes to collecting Speedmaster watches, even though it is not always certain how some reference numbers originally left the factory in Biel. Luckily, the Omega museum and archives team have a lot of information about the watches that were sold in the past and might be able to help you with questions.

At least I am happy to see that collecting Speedmasters is – although prices are rising on vintage models and it is getting more difficult to find perfect and original vintage Speedmasters – still a lot of fun. The craziness that we witness with certain Rolex models didn’t reach the Speedmaster collecting community yet and the cost to get one back in original state is still acceptable. I sincerely hope it will stay this way as long as possible.

As there were so many Speedmaster watches brought to the Speedmaster GTG, it is difficult to discuss them all. So here are a couple of highlights, but certainly not all of them. Make sure to check out the images galleries at the end of this article.

A few highlights:

Rare trio of 1985 Omega Speedmaster Moonphase watches. A Mark V shaped cased stainless steel version, a Mark V shaped bi-color version and the (most famous one of these three) Speedmaster Pro Moonphase model. A very rare opportunity to see all three together.
Yellow gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI commemorative edition of 1969 with its original Moon crater box;
An interesting number of caliber 321 models (CK2998, 105.003, 105.012 and 145.012);
Speedmaster Automatic Lemania 5100 model (reference 376.0822, also known as the Holy Grail);
Speedmaster Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV and Mark 4.5 from one collector as well as a number of Speedmaster Mark IIs (new & vintage) in different executions;
Speedmaster Pro Tintin and Speedmaster Pro Apollo XI 45th Anniversary editions;

Art and luxury byword – Hermes watches appreciation

Buy Hermes Arceau Le Temps Suspendu 38mm watches are not subject to the premise of time, bringing an experience of repose, the opportunity intermittent. Button on the case diameter of 38 mm, just press, at 12:00 hours of needle instantly stop. So from time to erase the dial, and the standard time of derailment, invisible at the same time to move forward. Press the button again, the time back on track, as usual. Real-time gaze locked on a small scale 24 seconds dial, vivid pointer round to run in a counterclockwise direction, with spectacular way mocking the passage of time. Pointer as ballet pirouette behind, hidden by a group of smart mechanism either love horses exclusive development, directing the movement of this breitling bentley replica watches unique complex functions. Movement has two patents ─ is itself a building structure, another is to reduce the activity of gears – is self-movement H1912 of the additional modules. Running time and suspend time mode with two column-wheel synchronized: one responsible for promoting the hour, and the other is responsible for promoting minutes. This feature allows 360 hours of time returning instantly disappear, the movement has failed to suspend operations. By fourth gear running in the opposite direction, so that the time without interruption advance, showing the movement of the operating indicator.

Art and luxury byword – Hermes watches appreciation

In the world, there are some simple material, in terms of artisans is a rich source of inspiration. Straw is precisely one of them. On the Hermes Arceau watch dial, watchmaker use micro mosaic art (miniature marquetry), in bright shades representative tiling patterns impressive. Straw is an extraordinary material: naked wheat stem slender smooth, usable parts need carefully selected. Farmland planted on a single plant species, tapping manual carefully, and then stained. After a series of stained soaked straw after drying, showing bright colors and detailed level, mixed low-light. Artisans will each straw color, shadows and fiber direction combine to create straw mosaics, became the pattern on the dial. Craftsmen silent on the criterion of the ratio of each part will be cut, in a small space unimaginable each assembly, remodeling perspective trick H Cube pattern – imaginative design, and Henri d’Origny pen Hermes Arceau watch has the same purpose. Geometric patterns on the dial, gold case with a diameter of 41 mm round for the framework, with irregular lugs, self-movement driven by H1837. Through the sapphire crystal caseback transparent case back, can peep the movement operation.

Art and luxury byword – Hermes watches appreciation

Best Quality Replica MontBlanc Star Watches For Sale

This dazzling watch highlights a circumstance breadth of only 39mm. Presently, there appears to end up pattern, no not exactly for dress watches, of coming back to littler measured circumstance measurements. Most of the discharges at SIHH have watched circumstance size of generally and, now and then, underneath the 40mm imprint. The best MontBlanc Star cheap Replica Watches sits level round the wrist getting a situation tallness of 10mm. everything is fabulously cleaned including towards the dressiness from the watch.

Uncovered at SIHH, the Mont Blanc Star buy best Replica Watches just lights up with class. The word Star, when changed into British implies gem which ceaseless date-book is only that. The watch will be two variants – 18kt rose gold, and stainless. In truth, I went over it odd for this sort of high confusion being offered in steel yet Mont Blanc obviously needs this watch being interested in a bigger demographic. The stainless release may be purchased for $12,800. This can be totally exceptional for pretty much any full ceaseless date-book. The rose gold release costs $21,000.

Best Quality Replica MontBlanc Star Watches For Sale

The development is self-winding and is established on an ETA development getting a Dubois Depraz never-ending timetable module. I am thoroughly not astonished at this – by what other method can be a Star for under $13K conceivable? The robotized development incorporates a vitality store of 42 a few hours.

The dial of top notch fake MontBlanc Star best swiss Replica Watch is silvered with connected lists and 4 sundials demonstrating the unending timetable. Inside of the 6 position can be a 29 day moon stage gap. The date, day, month and jump year signs sit at 3, 9, and 12 correspondingly. The dials are really near one another on the other hand, this still looks fine as I would see it. As I would see it the bigger or possibly more spread dials would diminish inside of the normally formal character in the watch. Your hands are dauphine made and differentiate pleasantly in the dial. Since this is exceptionally formal shoddy buy best replica MontBlanc Star Watches, there is a hint of lume round the dial. Maybe, Mont Blanc chooses for pretty much any perfect readout round the dial.

Replica Hublot – Official Watch for the UEFA Champions League

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, said: “It is a massive honor and a benefit for replica watches to turn into an accomplice of the significant club rivalries composed by UEFA. The work we have effectively performed together is a piece of the long haul relationship that Hublot has assembled with UEFA. As accomplices we have made a thing with an imaginative outline that mirrors the nature of both brands.”

Replica Hublot – Official Watch for the UEFA Champions League

Hublot additionally turns into the authority UEFA Europa League watch accomplice, uncovering a particular fourth authority board motivated by the new UEFA Europa League brand. This board will be utilized for all matches as Patek Philippe Replica of the gathering stage in the biggest expert club football rivalry on the planet.

Replica Hublot – Official Watch for the UEFA Champions League

After UEFA EURO 2012?, Hublot turns into the “Authority Licensed Watch” for the UEFA Champions League? for the following three years. The official load up for the 2015-18 UEFA Champions League? seasons – utilized by the fourth authority to show extra time toward the end of a match and player substitutions – is propelled by a Hublot watch replica watches and a definitive phase of the UEFA Champions League brand online store. The official dispatch of the UEFA Champions League board occurred amid the first leg of Play-Off matches on the eighteenth August.

Replica Chaumet – Hortensia, precious watches

Two models, accessible in white or yellow gold, offer the same hydrangea design mrwatches, yet utilizing differents sorts of mother-of-pearl decorated at the heart of a 121-jewel replica watches corolla. White seawater mother-of-pearl is utilized for the yellow gold adaptation, while a delicate lavender blue shading adorns the white gold rendition.

Replica Chaumet – Hortensia, precious watches

This year once more, Replica Chaumet replica watches keeps on investigating the subtelties of the hydrangea blossom, through the Hortensia imaginative muddling watch, that we presented this spring, and four valuable watches.

The watches are richly finished with sand-shading, cream-beige, light blue or chestnut glossy silk straps whose gold pin clasp is set with 19 splendid cut precious stones.

The dial of the first model is enhanced with a marquetry of guilloché riverwater white mother-of-pearl and of seawater white and gold mother-of-pearl. In the wake Swiss Replica Watch of being cut and engraved, the mother-of-pearl has been hand-painted to make a geometric understanding of the hydrangea blooms.

Housed in a yellow gold case, the dial of the fourth model likewise includes a brilliant radiance of jewels and enlivens an arched bundle in common mother-of-pearl. Utilizing trim procedure, a focal hydrangea is encompassed by two flower corollas, highlighting the points of interest of its petals.

Replica Chaumet – Hortensia, precious watches

The latters arrive in a 18K Luxury Replica Watches rhodium-plated white gold or 18K yellow gold case , measuring 41 mm. The bezel is set with 55 splendid cut precious stones.

A Swiss made quartz development Patek Philippe Replica enlivens the hour and moment elements of these rich watches offering four distrinct dials.

Cartier Ronde Louis Fake Watch Photo Review

Time for a Cartier Ronde Louis buy fake watch photo review on this Cartier replica. A fun, unisex piece that’s very summer-ish in my opinion. It’s the white face and white leather strap that make me feel like that about it every time I see it. It’s one of those easy to wear replica Cartier watches and a bit different because there are not a whole lot of white lather strap replica Cartier out there or any other watches for that matter. I guess you really have to like the all white theme here because most guys I know always go for the black on black watches so the all white might be a bit too different of a feel for most of them.

Cartier Ronde Louis Fake Watch Photo Review

Replica Cartier Watches

Navy blue hands on a white/silver dial with navy blue Cartier best replica watches roman numerals as markers. Small seconds hand at 6 o’clock and small date window at 3 o’clock. I do like the rounded all polished stainless steel case and the crown that’s really nice cloned. An element that’s not really easy to have in good quality because Cartier always makes it look so expensive. Scratch-proof crystal does the job too so overall the looks are here on this Cartier replica watch.
Cartier Replica Movement

Cartier Ronde Louis Fake Watch Photo Review

As it’s specified on the dial the movement is Quartz (battery run) so the small seconds hand chrono at 6 o’clock will tick more than sweep. Cartier are well known for having Quartz movements on plenty of their watches and that’s usually a way for them to distinguish the cheaper pieces from the more expensive ones. It’s all good that the movement and the dial engraving match so nothing to worry about here either.
Cartier Ronde Louis Fake Watch Photo Review

Cartier Ronde Louis Fake Watch Photo Review

The white leather strap closes with that bracelet Cartier clasp that makes it look very seamless as you’ll see in one of the pics below. I think this is a fun and good piece to wear if you are more open to light colors and don’t mind having wearing a white watch every now and then. It should not be very hard to pass for a cheaper Cartier original because it’s a very simple and clean watch and the looks will definitely be in its favor.

Cartier Ronde Louis Fake Watch Photo Review

Go through the pics below and feel free to give me your feedback on this Cartier Ronde Louis fake watch photo review. I’m interested in knowing how you guys like it.

Reproduction theater copy bvlgari watches for sale Commedia dell’Arte selection of three asked watches

Best fake bvlgari sotirio watches for sale Commedia dell’Arte watch dial with 16th-century Italian palazzo in the background, church sound reed three repeater function to earn a variety of characters around the dial rejuvenated, lifelike. Figures are based on the poetic, intoxicating ballet design.

Reproduction theater copy bvlgari watches for sale Commedia dell’Arte selection of three asked watches

Complex functions and superior technology gives fresh life works, past the traditional watchmaking wisdom, creating pure poetic mood. Inspired through the Italian Commedia dell’Arte theater tradition, each were shown around the dial vivid dramatic characters, for example the role on the image –Brighella, Pulcinella, Pantalone, Columbine and Harlequin have occupied the central position from the dial. Three-time church gongs repeater function is activated, the five characters from the high-end exquisite 16th century Italian palazzo revitalize decorative background. Depending on the scene, watch about 5-7 active component activation, in order that the characters make appropriate action. top swiss bvlgari replica Commedia dell’Arte series were introduced three watches, limited production 8, respectively, each are classified as only real art masterpiece.

Few watchmakers can be manufactured since scared to Heaven watch it, but newest fake bvlgari watches being one of them. For them, this is the constant hunt for excellence. Inside of a perfect design Shuangchui, three hammers and four-hammer mechanism after, BVLGARIbvlgari Commedia dell’Arte series again for any world church presents Shuangchui three-gong minute repeater mechanism. Gongs is different in that it is longer than the conventional gong: wire wound twice in cases where, rather than just once, so you can produce more inside of a low voice, that has been enhanced resonance effect of your mechanism.
Timekeeping device gives people vitality

Reproduction theater copy bvlgari <a href=

Although three repeater device has been attractive, but Commedia dell’Arte series also demonstrated more extraordinary online store, combining sound and animation for each and every dial an intricate scene on three different fresh injection of vitality. Gongs means different ringing tones, reported, “when”, “carved” and “minute”, so different people everytime to produce action over the dial. Commedia dell’Arte while in the five main characters Brighella, Pulcinella, Harlequin, Pantalone and Columbine while in the three dial vividly to accomplish: On these vibrant wonderful stage, they play a means, sing heartily, as being a well- Design ballet.

Chime sounds while doing so, the central figure Brighella, Harlequin, or Pulcinella will move his left arm therefore four others before themselves, counterclockwise swing. Legs, arms, chest, top the main movement to make the scene more colorful, brimming with vitality, the application of modern automatic mechanical movement means to create a 16 th century Italian palazzo in Venice, Naples or Bologna style background superb rare feat.
Precision mechanism and dial

Mechanism of this masterpiece is undoubtedly extremely complex, and dial different scenarios also are refined and delicate. The scenes on the disc carefully crafted 18K gold, combines several watch craft: painted enamel, carving and engraving. These three pieces of poetic scenes depicting Venice, Naples and Bologna three cities, the tradition has recently oblivion automatic methods to pay tribute. Their complexity and the complexity within the match for your injection of vitality within the movement, the movement to your BVLGARIbvlgari pure handmade uk bvlgari copy watches 618 movement. As well as automatic devices, the wrist watch also includes a three-church gongs repeater function and 6 o’clock instantaneous jump display.

This ingenious mechanism mounted from the 18K white gold or platinum and Magsonic crafted alloy case. Magsonic alloy special alloy watch a resonance effect can be optimized. Timekeeping catch at 10 o’clock position. Three 6 o’clock watch case is engraved together with the name within the central figure in the dial: Harlequin, Pulcinella or Brighella. Each Commedia dell’Arte series issued merely a limited number eight.

Each watch table box also with corresponding mask characters: Harlequin, Pulcinella or Brighella. Traditional strategies to commedia dell’arte masks prevailed during use because the basis, through the Venetian craftsmen carefully constructed with leather. Three NO includes all three roles from the watch gift mask 1.
The complexity of the Commedia dell’Arte rare dial

Dial each scene draws inspiration from commedia dell’arte, is itself a piece of art by way of the Geneva Ateliers Vaucher studio made by using a complex process. Carving is undoubtedly an art starting point, this process requires extremely patient. Enlarged more to simulate the scene following maestro with 18K gold scene begun shape the exact size parts. Engraving and trompe l’oeil application implements contour, depth and volume effects. The dial has four levels each, followed by the character, decals side characters, decorative foreground and background decoration.

Sports figures show the high-precision technology. Driven character movement joints are hidden, for instance chest arm figure below through. Carver uses about 15 different tools to make this complex arena, providing people with a realistic expression. Similarly, the actions of the characters in a clever way fixed within the dial, the underside is the fulcrum on the leg or pinned. Suspended in the time scale for the dial have not contacted at 7 o’clock and 11 o’clock position of your dial portion between positions.

After patient and delicate carving work, micro-painted division did start to show its mettle. Micro-painted division require extraordinary artistic beauty including a comprehensive grasp of your process. Micro-painted Teachers could do with a dozen basic colors, spend less than six weeks to try and do the entire scene. And also grasp the small size of the portion of the scene, the micro-painted painting division during the time of need extremely careful – either on a gold disc on or character portrayed itself – Teachers live through micro-painted carving process rare metal nicks, along with the use of color depicting staggered light, shadows and transparencies, along with different partial array of complementary colors.

With this process, the dial will be placed in a stove for one hour, the temperature was maintained to 80 ?? C, repeated 30-50 times, until completion. Similar Commedia dell’Arte a really complex dial production needs rich experience. Answerable for the project maestro admitted that in their own 35-year career, has not produced a lot of detail on the dial.

Breitling replica watches – the profession watches you choose

Breitling replica watches happen to be a pinnacle of the profession since their founding in 1884. Each type of a Breitling Swiss watch, either men’s or women’s watch, is well known because of its elegance, precision, quality, and sturdiness. Swiss made Breitling watches are classified as resilient, sophisticated and splendid, and were created mainly for that use within aviation. Nowadays, Breitling watches have aviation features. However, they more are usually an evidence of the quality compared to practical functions.

Breitling replica watches - the profession watches you choose

Generally, cheapest Breitling designs include an extremely large face with analog dials, which enables more information to become present. Breitling is inspired by aviation and lots of swiss replica watches have features employed by fighter aircraft pilots worldwide. In addition, Breitling has shown its luxury and flexibility by manufacturing lines of watches particularly for divers. Breitling watches utilized on land, within the ocean, and on the horizon. Most types are fitted with mechanical winding systems, that don’t use any electronic components, and many of them are fly back or double chronographs this will let you moon phase, together with more complex functions.

Possibly most widely known for excellence in aviation watches, Breitling is known for precision and QC standards famous their watches. Each Breitling model is 100% Swiss Made and COSC examined and approved, making Breitling the only real major watch brand to subject all its watch – both automatic and quartz – for this testing, probably the most rigorous available. Dating back 1884, Breitling has performed a significant role in the introduction of wrist watches, including significant contributions towards the modern chronograph and using thermocompensated Super Quartz – a quartz ten occasions better than standard quartz. A popular brand among watch enthusiasts, Breitlings are marked by impeccable movements, obvious, readable dials, superior water proofing, and durable, comfortable bracelets. They’re actually the “instrument for professionals”.

Breitling wrist watches are famous for precision in timekeeping. Varying from COSC Licensed Automatic Chronometer movements for their unequalled Super Quartz watches, Breitling watches are leaders in the market. With many Men and women watches in a multitude of dimensions to select from, there’s a Breitling readily available for all tastes. Obtainable in gold, steel, titanium, with and without diamonds, optional gemstone dials, black-steel, GMT,
Auto chrono, and a number of straps (leather, crocodile, rubber, stainless steel, etc.)