Take A Look At The TAG Heuer Carrera 2447 The Original 1960s 36mm Replica

Carrera 2447 in the past- put simply, it’s the original 1960s 36mm Carrera fitted with the three-register Valjoux 72 movement. Collectors have their favourite early Carrera models, but there’s a balance with the Valjoux 72-powered Carreras and Camaros that set them apart. More TAG Heuer Carrera replica watches.
Carrera 2447SNThe two Panda/ Reverse Panda watches here belong to Abel Court, our friend. Above we have the 2447SN, while below is the 2447NST. What do these letters mean? “SN” means a Standard, or Silver dial with Black (Noir) subdials, while the NST suffix indicated a Black (Noir) dial with Silver Sub-dials and a Tachymeter scale.

The Panda-duo are probably the most chased variants of the Carrera, but the 2447NT that we’re focused on today is even rarer. The NT suffix indicated an all-black dial with tachymeter scale, and it’s this precise combination that is so special because of its rarity- only a handful of examples are known.
Carrera 2447NT
This Tag Heuer Mens Replica special Carrera is owned by Andee of Rarebirds.de, a great source of vintage chronographs, including plenty of Heuers. The watch is all-original and features the big crown and super-domed plexi-glass with a serial is 700xx, placing it towards the later part of the 1960s. The watch was bought from a collector, who in turn bought the watch from the original owner, who bought the watch from a small watch dealer around 1970 in St. Moritz. What attracted him to the Carrera was the combination of a chronograph and a tachymeter scale, allowing him to time the local ski races.