Take A Look At The Amir Nomadic Empires Collection Men’s Replica Watches

Amir replica watches came together when the group at Miami replica watch Company, makers of the Stranger Ocean Predator Diver replica watch, decided to create a replica watch inspired by ancient peoples. Yeah, it’s not the usual source for inspiration, but we think the result is a replica watch that uses historical themes without being overdesigned or unwearable. Using a central rotating seconds dial, we are presenting four options for our Amir Nomadic Empires collection replica.

Take A Look At The Amir Nomadic Empires Collection Men's Replica Watches

The replica watch is made in a 42mm-wide titanium case, each of which has a rotating central seconds disc bearing a Shanyrak design, a timeless symbol that was typically a cross piece structure that held nomadic buildings together. These would be passed from father to son over generations, and a family’s heritage would often be measured by the aging on the Shanyrak. Traditionally, when the first-born son came of age and became responsible for his family, his father would pass him the Shanyrak, symbolizing both trust in the next generation and the responsibility the son now defended. replica watches are so often also passed down between father and son, so aside from being attractive in design, this symbol was a natural fit as the aesthetic inspiration for our replica watches.

Take A Look At The Amir Nomadic Empires Collection Men's Replica Watches

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Made from high-grade aluminum, the central disc representing the Shanyrak rotates in a sweeping motion, joined with a red hour hand and blue minute hand. The diamond-cut red hour hand symbolizing fire and blue minute hand symbolizing sky are both filled with Super-LumiNova for a great darkness-viewing effect.

The movement we chose to use is the Miyota 8N24 automatic movement, which is accurate to -20/+40 seconds per day. It’s a reliable movement that operates at 21,600vph and gets a power reserve of 42 hours. We believe this is a good, solid movement that allows us to build this piece and sell it at a reasonable price that’s accessible to most buyers and collectors.