Introducing The Top Replica Louis Vuitton Watch Models

Many have asked me what Louis Vuitton replica watch models can you find on the replica market. I was not that into this brand, but, after some research, I found some cool looking watches. See them here.

I am mostly interested in  haute horologerie best replica watch brands. Even so, whenever my readers ask me for help, I look into some other brands, in this case, Louis Vuitton. The good thing about this is that I find interesting watches that I don’t offer that much attention usually. I didn’t think that I could find some models to like, but I did. It appears that the Louis Vuitton watches shouldn’t be underestimated, at least from what I read about them. Up to this date, I didn’t take a close look to one.

Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular and recognisable luxury brands. It gained popularity as a luxury trunk maker and, over the years, it started launching new collections with new types of accessories, including watches. To sum it up, Louis Vuitton started out as an apprentice at a box-maker atelier. After a few years, n 1854, he opened his own and a shop in Place Vendôme. He was creating high-quality luggage used by wealthy people.
In 2002, Louis Vuitton launched a watchmaking line. In 2011 it went a step further by acquiring the know-how of Fabrique du Temps, a watchmaking workshop in Geneva that specialised in designing and creating exceptional watchmaking movements. The result was the creation of some of the watches I am going to show you and that, perhaps, we will get to see also as replica watches Louis Vuitton. There are many replicas made after Rolex watches, for instance, but I could only find a few good ones as replica Louis Vuitton watches.

I must admit that these watches look pretty good. The Tambour Spin Time GMT, in particular, is a watch with unique complications, and this puts the LV watches on the more serious watches list. This watch features ETA automatic movements, and the module has 12 cubes. The cubes turn around to show the Arabic numeral that indicates the hour. Moreover, each of these cubes has numbers on the top and the bottom to show you whether it’s PM or AM. To tell what time is, you have to look at the cube with a number and then at the minute hand. The watch also features a GMT orange hand and on the left side of the case there are some pushers that operate the GMT hand. This watch has an attractive design, and I am curious if a Louis Vuitton watch case replica would replicate it that well.

The Louis Vuitton Escale Wordltime watch is another piece that caught my attention. It has an interesting mix of colors, number, and letters that catch your eye. The display of this watch is unique. You can see a yellow arrow at 12 o’clock and to set this watch, you will have to line it up to your home city. After, you set the concentric hour and minute discs to match the local time so that the yellow arrow will show the local time. There is a series of rings on the dial, hand-painted, that feature names of cities and the vintage emblems used on LV trunks. Overall, there is a total of 38 colors on the dial. It’s a complex watch that I couldn’t find as replica Louis Vuitton watch.

Another interesting piece is the Tambour Heures Du Monde GMT. This features an asymmetrical dial and steel case, with sapphire glass casing. The dial has a nice satin-finish and it’s grey, combined with yellow highlights. This watch also has a subdial with the world map and abbreviations of 24 cities.

All these three watches are unusual and I would be interested in maybe getting a replica Louis Vuitton watch. Also, writing some of the best replica reviews about a Louis Vuitton would be an interesting experience.