Swiss Rolex Day-Date 40 Green Emerald Platinum Luxury Mens Replica

With the Rolex Day-Date 40 Green Emerald Replica, we are looking at a combination of diamonds and emeralds, so let us briefly discuss how Rolex chooses and applies stones for use in such high-jewelry pieces.or models set with colored gemstones – rubies, sapphires, or, in this case, emeralds – Rolex mens replica takes particular care in ensuring that all the stones on a given watch are of the same hue, using a combination of a long sorting process carried out by hand, stone by stone in the Rolex Best Replica Watches workshops, as well as by using one of Rolex’s several sophisticated machines that are, Rolex says, usually only found in independent gemological laboratories.
Swiss Rolex Day-Date 40 Green Emerald Platinum Watch
Rolex Day-Date 40 Green Emerald Replica, and no matter the lighting (ambient, artificial, or natural light), the emeralds of the bezel as well as the substantially sized 6 and 9 o’clock indices looked perfectly alike in color, cut, and overall execution. Even when checking my images I can only wonder at how the light of my camera’s flash entered the tight row of green emeralds and bounced around countless times to seemingly illuminate the bezel from the inside.

Once the stones have been sorted by clarity and color, they are handed over to Rolex’s master gem-setters, skilled in the various techniques of their profession: bead (or pavé) setting as seen here in this full pavé diamond dial, or channel setting, bezel setting, and prong or claw setting. Getting the colors right is just the beginning to making a high-jewelry piece stand out: the precise alignment of the height of the gems, their orientation and position, the robustness, regularity, and aesthetics of the setting, as well as the finishing of the beads.

The 3255 was introduced with the Day-Date 40 at Baselworld 2015, and it is the first movement Rolex submitted to its completely overhauled and more stringent in-house tests. Rolex takes each 3255 that they have COSC chronometer certified to -4/+6 seconds of daily precision, cases it up, and tests it for a much more stringent -2/+2 seconds of daily accuracy.

A Charming Watch On Your Wrist:Urwerk UR-106 Lotus Replica

The Swiss best replica watch watchmakers from URWERK have made a reputation for themselves by creating some of the world’s most unique and complex timepieces, for men. But that’s all going to change today, because the independent Geneva-based replica watchmaker has just unveiled its first replica watch especially made for women: the Urwerk UR-106 Lotus.

Featuring glittering gemstones and soft curves, this incredible timepiece is beyond stunning. It features the brand’s signature satellite hours, displayed in a way never seen before, wandering across the dial to create a lovely horological bloom.
A Charming Watch On Your Wrist:Urwerk UR-106 Lotus Replica
There are three satellites, satin-finished by hand, each of them with four hour numerals, with the minutes scale in between, offering an analogue and digital indication of time.

The URWERK UR-106 Lotus Replica was created with one image in mind, the gorgeous lotus flower (hence the name of this replica watch), which represents the beauty of women and their complexity for the Swiss brand. It will be available in two versions, dark and light, each of them produced in just 11 pieces and coming with a matching black or white hand-stitched alligator leather strap and a titanium pink buckle.

A Charming Watch On Your Wrist:Urwerk UR-106 Lotus Replica

The case of this exquisite replica watch is made of steel and titanium and set with diamonds, with a sapphire crystal that’s water resistant to 30 meters. If you also add the fact that the dial is satin finished and the hours and minutes markers were hand painted in SuperLuminova, I’m sure we can all agree this replica watch is close to perfection.

Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Gold 3DTP Carbon Mens Replica Watch

The newest timepiece from the skilled replica watchmakers of Linde Werdelin Mens Replica, this replica watch is as eye catching and complex just like any other piece from the brand.The Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Gold 3DTP Carbon replica watch somehow reminds me of the Hydra logo that used to scare off soldiers and superpowers alike, inside the MARVEL universe.
Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Gold 3DTP Carbon Mens Replica Watch
Based on the Oktopus II Moon replica watch, this marvelous replica watch features a carbon bezel that was actually made through layering thin sheets of carbon in order to get this sharp, angular look. The dark 3DTP carbon shows off a 18k rose gold finish which gives the replica watch an opulent, dark look.

It should not come as a surprise that the replica watch shows off Linde Werdelin’s Moon Phase complication and photo realistic images of the moon across the dial. With a 42-hour power reserve, this stylish accessory will keep you company no matter what.
Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Gold 3DTP Carbon Mens Replica Watch
Keeping the replica watch on your wrist is an interchangeable rubber strap, with a DLC-coated titanium ardillion buckle. The Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Gold 3DTP Carbon Replica will set fans back CHF 35,000, which seems like a fair price for that amazing look.

The 44 mm case has an octopus gracing the titanium case back – that Hydra hint I was telling you about earlier. The dial features touches of 5N rose gold throughout, on the 3, 9, and 12 numerals, the moon disc with circular perlage surface, the rehaut and on the top of the dial.

Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Gold 3DTP Carbon Mens Replica Watch

Similar to their other moon phase replica watches, this replica watch is going to be made in a limited run of 59 pieces – the number of days it takes for the moon to complete two lunar cycles.

Show You The Habring2 Benzinger 5-Minute Repeater Mens Replica

Taking advantage of technical mastery and the best things it has to offer, while showing off a fine example of old-world craftsmanship, Habring2‘s team of brilliant replica watch engravers and decorators have designed and developed the wonderful the Habring2 Benzinger 5-Minute Repeater Replica timepiece.

Show You The Habring2 Benzinger 5-Minute Repeater Mens Replica

The independent Habring2 Benzinger replica watchmaker has also developed an in-house movement for this beautiful timepiece, which features a minimal, yet extremely ornate design, that shows off pure skill and artistry. This replica watch is definitely meant to make anyone stand out from the crowd, in a luxurious and stylish manner.

The Habring2 Benzinger 5-Minute Repeater can be purchased in two different versions, as you can see from these photos, both of them featuring a 42 mm Grade 5 Titanium case with a lovely matte finish. Every replica watch will come with a 50-meter water resistance as well, with the Engine version being considered more contemporary and technical by the brand, while the Floral replica watch is described as a classic approach to replica watchmaking.

The movement making things tick is an impressive Habring in-house manual Calibre A11, with 28,800vph.

A Elegant Timepiece Of Blancpain Jour Nuit Ladies Replica

The new Blancpain Jour Nuit replica watch was designed to make ladies smile. This gorgeous creation features a beautiful multi-layer dial that will instantly grab your attention, with its hours, minutes, retrograde seconds, and rotating disc that depicts a gem-set night and day motif – hence the name of this timepiece.
A Elegant Timepiece Of Blancpain Jour Nuit Ladies Replica
Furthermore, you should take a closer look at the 40 mm x 12 mm red gold case, which boasts a sapphire crystal display back that allows us to enjoy the beautifully finished mechanical movement Blancpain Cal 1163JN.

It seems that the company will also sell you a white gold version of this timepiece, but in the meantime let’s focus on the night and day disk that turns twice per day. Each rotational change takes approximately four minutes, with the sun made of 50 yellow sapphires and the moon, on the other hand, featuring 50 diamonds.
A Elegant Timepiece Of Blancpain Jour Nuit Ladies Replica
There are also 14 diamond stars and pearl cloud accents, while the stepped bezel comes with two rows of diamonds, 140 in total. After all that magic takes place, the best replica watch is fitted on an ostrich leather strap that seems to complement this exquisite piece.

Detailed Review With The Breitling Chronomat 44 Replica

Breitling Mens Replica is the yeast extract-based spread of replica watchmaking. Some people can’t get enough of them, others wouldn’t even wear one on a bet, but either way we’ve all heard of the brand. Pre-quartz revolution, Breitling replica watches were the go-to tools of the experts, found on the wrists of pilots, engineers, scientists and even astronauts, but post-quartz revolution, well—let’s just say that Breitling seems to have taken a little longer than most finding its groove.
Detailed Review With The Breitling Chronomat 44 Replica
The result of this was an abundance of confusingly similar models, leaving newcomers with a muddle of replica watches to choose from. Breitling Chronomat 44 Replica has recently managed to consolidate its lines, leaving some that honour the brand’s illustrious past and others that look to future. The cherry on the cake was the brand’s first new in-house chronograph movement since the quartz revolution, the B01. That was launched five years ago, and it was released to a rumbling of questions: Is it going to be expensive? Will it be reliable? Is there enough demand for it?

It’s been long enough to answer those questions now, and it seems that any concerns were unfounded. Lets not forget that this isn’t the first time Breitling’s been involved in the development of a chronograph movement: in the sixties, the replica watchmaker collaborated with TAG Heuer (then Heuer) and others to develop the Calibre 11, the world’s first integrated automatic chronograph movement. The B01 too is a tremendous achievement, costing millions to produce, and is well specced with a 70-hour power reserve, vertical clutch and column wheel at its heart.
Detailed Review With The Breitling Chronomat 44 Replica
With the in-house movement comes a marked improvement in build quality, with the Chronomat here exhibiting slick detailing throughout. Finishes are reference level, tolerances millimetre perfect, the balance of luxury well-judged. On paper, the Chronomat 44 is the ideal flagship for Breitling’s range, carrying a proud heritage forward. Pricing is about right, too, sitting £1,000 less than Rolex’s Daytona.
Detailed Review With The Breitling Chronomat 44 Replica
But it’s not all cake and party hats, because it seems that Breitling still hasn’t been able to shake the last of its uncertain years. Where some details impress, others confuse. Why does the crown guard bulge and dip towards the pushers in such an awkward way? Why is there a square in the middle of the dial made up of lines, one edge of which steps around the logo? And who on Earth picked that retro-futuristic space-age font for the bezel? Erase that shaky judgement with the mind’s eye and you’ll see a very handsome replica watch, but unfortunately reality must be faced: those niggling little foibles really are there.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction and if, while we wait for the flagship Chronomat to take on a more resolved form, we still have a hankering for a Breitling with that excellent B01 inside, there’s the vintage-inspired Navitimer 01 to tide us over. Breitling’s time is yet to come, but be patient—it’s coming, and it’s coming soon.

Take A Look At The Breitling Avenger Replica For Men

The Breitling Avenger Replica was made to last, it is not just a watch, but a tool that should be praised for its functionality and precision but also for its great design. The watch is available in various versions but here we can see it in stainless steel with black dial.

There are 8 differences between a replica Breitling mens replica and a Genuine Breitling Avenger watch. The first thing we notice is the luminescent dot on the top in the replica watch we can see that particular dot on the bezel being a green color rather than a clear white color like on the original watch. The second difference we notice is on the tachymeter; it only has markings but without having any numbers like the one on the original brand. The third difference is given by the brand logo, which can be seen in the original watch “Breitling 1884 Chronometer Certifie” but on the replica watch the word “”Certifie” doesn’t appear anymore. The forth difference is the fact that the word “Automatic” also doesn’t appear on the top of the lower chronograph in the replica watch. The words “Swiss Made” that can be found at the bottom of the dial, around six o’clock are also inexistent on the replica watch, making this the fifth difference between the two watches. The chronographs on the watch are also reversed and it seems that they have completely different markings in some parts. The seventh difference is given by the hour markings that are designed as double lines on the original watch but are only shown as a single line for each hour on the replica watch.  On the top of the watch, at 12 o’clock, there should be an arrow pointing down, but that arrow doesn’t exist on the replica watch.

Take A Look At The Vacheron Constantin Maître Cabinotier Astronomica Mens Replica

Vacheron Constantin launched several new replica watches, including an ultra-complicated piece with astronomical displays, at the recent Hong Kong “replica watches and Wonders” fair. Three new Patrimony models also debuted. Here are six new Vacheron Constantin replica watches that caught our eye.

Take A Look At The Vacheron Constantin Maître Cabinotier Astronomica Mens Replica
Maître Cabinotier Astronomica

The Maître Cabinotier Astronomica is the star among the new Vacheron models launched at the Hong Kong best replica watches & Wonders show. This unique piece brings together 15 haute horlogerie complications, including several of the astronomical variety, that are displayed on the back of this two-sided timepiece.

The Astronomica’s caliber 2755-B1 movement is one of the most complex ever created by Vacheron Constantin. The manual-wind movement consists of 839 parts, all contained in a space measuring only 33.9 mm in diameter and 12.15 mm thick. The case housing all of these displays measures 47 mm x 19 mm.

In addition to the time of day, the front displays include equation of time; perpetual calendar with date, day of the week, month and leap years; the power reserve; and the sunrise and sunset times. The one-minute tourbillon features a carriage shaped like the company’s trademark Maltese cross. The minute repeater incorporates Vacheron’s silent centripetal flying strike governor, which regulates the duration of the musical sequence.

The back of this timepiece displays seven useful and interesting functions: a sky chart, the solstice, the equinox, sidereal time, the age and phases of the moon, the seasons, and the zodiac signs.

The Maître Cabinotier Astronomica is a unique piece, and the price is not disclosed.

Malte Tourbillon Openworked
Take A Look At The Vacheron Constantin Maître Cabinotier Astronomica Mens Replica
Vacheron Constantin has long been known for creating superb timepieces with openworked, or skeletonized, movements. Collectors appreciate these replica watches because openworking performed by hand is itself an art requiring great skill, and the result reveals the movement’s inner workings, greatly increasing the ability to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of the mechanism.

The openworking process requires engineering and artistic skill of the highest order. The goal is to remove as much material as possible from the mainplate, bridges, and other caliber components while leaving enough to ensure perfect mechanical functionality. The remaining metal must be meticulously finished and decorated, and the final product must be aesthetically pleasing.

The shaped Geneva Hallmark Caliber 2790 SQ in the Malte Tourbillon Openworked represents the pinnacle of the art, with its geometrical forms, fine polished angles, and intricate decoration. The prominent tourbillon at 6 o’clock commands attention, and it is accompanied by discreet pointer-date and power-reserve displays. Vacheron Constantin surrounds the openworked caliber with a platinum tonneau case set with 38 baguette-cut diamonds.

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix With 40.5mm Case Replica

The Tag Heuer Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix Replica is one of the most famous and prestigious races in the F1 calendar. Even those who have never followed motorsports have heard of Monaco (maybe because of Tag Heuer), a highly technical course which winds through the roadways of the famed city-state and playground for the rich and famous. The Monaco GP, now in its 83rd year, highlights prestige, luxury and wealth in a way that few other F1 weekends can match. Super yachts line the shore as on-lookers replica watch some of the most advanced machines in the world run a tight and aggressive course with more than its fair share of elevation changes. Well-heeled race fans, celebrities and socialites flock to the south-east coast of France to enjoy a truly legendary weekend of screaming race cars, world-renowned casinos and swanky parties.

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases
Few replica watch brands have as strong a symbiotic relationship with motorsports as Tag Heuer Replica. Many of their most famous models are tributes to notable elements within the world of motorsport, consider the Camaro, Carrera, Silverstone, Monza, Formula 1, and of course, the Monaco. Tag has made special editions for not only Mercedes but also McLaren, one of the most successful F1 teams of all time. In addition to the manufactures, Tag Heuer Mens Replica has also seen their brand represented by some of F1’s best drivers, including Alain Prost, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and Ayrton Senna. Other brands have tried to connect themselves with motorsports but from track day junkies like Steve McQueen, to modern day World Champions like Jenson Button, Tag Heuer has become the reigning replica watch brand in motorsports. A big marketing campaign success by most accounts.

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases

Tag Heuer celebrated the 2012 Monaco GP by announcing four replica watches, two limited editions that directly commemorate the Monaco Grand Prix, and the “re-release” of two special editions which were previously only available through Tag Heuer boutiques. Above is the Monaco Calibre 12 ACM Limited Edition (CAW211K) which celebrates the first year of partnership between Tag Heuer and the Automobile Club de Monaco, the group responsible for organizing a series of races throughout Monaco, including the Monaco Gran Prix. Tag Heuer is their official timing partner and thus created this 39mm black dialed Monaco featuring the ACM logo on the dial. The Monaco Calibre 12 ACM will have a production run limited to 1200 units.

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases

Not one to forget their popular Carrera line, Tag Heuer also announced the new Carrera Calibre 16 Day Date Monaco Grand Prix LE (CV2A1F) which will be limited to 3000 units and can be had with a sporty tire tread-inspired rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet, both of which nicely suit its 43 mm stainless steel case. I have always enjoyed the Carrera line as they feature a very pleasing case and lug design as well as excellent legibility for a chronograph. This new model sports a simplified dial layout and bright red accents for the second hand and elements of the dial and bezel script. It is really ironic that there is now a Tag Heuer Carrera Monaco watch. Nice and confusing right?

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases

Also announced was a duo of bright blue Monacos meant to invoke the memory of Steve McQueen, who wore a Monaco in the 1971 film Le Mans, and has been a considerable factor in the continued popularity of the Monaco line. First, the Monaco Heuer Steve McQueen Calibre 11, a traditional looking blue and white edition of the Monaco that is actually a slightly revised version of a boutique-only model that Tag Heuer announced last year. This is basically a vintage inspired Monaco with bright white racing stripes on the dial and its crown on the left side of the case. Note the use of “Heuer” and not “Tag Heuer” on the dial and the matching blue leather strap. It is fitting that this vintage inspired chronograph wears the Heuer name on its dial as the original Monaco design launched in 1969, some sixteen years before Heuer became Tag Heuer.

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases

Last up is the Monaco Twenty Four McQueen (CAL5111) which is a more modern interpretation of the Monaco form. Featuring a highly detailed dial design, curved crystal and 40.5 mm case, this high end chronograph features an El Primero-based Calibre 36 chronograph movement with an advanced shock absorber system visible at all corners of the dial. This is also a model that is simply seeing a wider release after being a boutique-only offering last year.

Hands-On With IWC Ingenieur Dual Time Mens Replica

Angus Davies provides an in-depth review of the IWC Ingenieur Dual Time Replica. This recently launched replica watch is equipped with a GMT function, proving highly useful for today’s battle weary business traveler. You can read more from Angus on his Escapement replica watch blog.

As a child, the mere thought of flying evoked effervescent excitement. Air travel seemed glamorous. I recall sleepless nights, yearning for time to speedily evaporate in order that adventures could ensue. Flying to foreign shores offered new sights, sounds and experiences for a prepubescent boy and the prospect of visiting the cockpit, meeting the pilot, was always the highlight of any flight.

Times have changed and in some respects, not for the better.


My current occupation now means I frequently face the hostile prospect of flying. Air travel has become a test of endurance, not for the faint-hearted. Indeed, flying from my local airport is akin to undertaking a commando assault course and, seemingly, no less physically arduous.

First, there is the need to join a seemingly endless security queue where everyone is viewed with suspicion. “Due diligence” necessitates stringent security controls and there is a ubiquitous sense of distrust. When flying via some airports this is tempered with a sense of warmth and humanity, but sadly not always.

There is usually a need to partially undress. The removal of jackets, scarves, belts and shoes is typical of most airports.

After passing through security, only then can the intrepid traveler look forward to the sight of soiled coffee tables and beer-swilling miscreants enjoying a liquid breakfast before being squashed into an undersized seat aboard a plane.

No, it is not easy being a business traveler in 2014, especially if you have to use the same airport as me. At least I can find some refuge in my own mind, listening to music and dreaming about another fine replica watch on which to wax lyrical. Yes, my prolonged rant is leading to discussion of a fine timepiece and one perfectly adept at cruising above the clouds.

IWC Mens Replica, the masters of masculine timepieces, revisited its former Ingenieur collection, launching a plethora of octane-inspired replica watches. This year, it has been busy again, augmenting the range with some interesting new models.


The new Ingenieur Dual Time, when compared with its siblings, is a rather understated affair, measuring a comparatively restrained 43mm in diameter. This model is not only easy on the eye but, most pertinently, it is perfectly suited for business travel, courtesy of an additional hour hand allowing the wearer to display a second local time of their choosing.

I recently visited the Swiss brand’s UK office and chose to inspect the Ingenieur closely and I was not disappointed.

The dial

The hour and minutes hands are bold and edged with a resplendent silvery finish, articulating time with notable lucidity. The hours are marked with applied and faceted batons, with a soupçon of purplish-blue detail to their centers.


The slim second hour hand features a purple triangular tip and is simply adjusted via the crown at 3 o’clock. A date display sits adjacent the screwed-in crown. It is simple to read with its crisp black numerals presented against a fresh white disc.

A central sweep seconds hand, detailed with a red tip, completes the array of functions, fulfilling the needs of most frequent flyers.

Encircling the dial, a 24-hour ring is used to read-off the prevailing hour in a second time zone. Moreover, the white numerals are presented on a colored background, purple for nocturnal hours and grey when displaying daylight hours. This simple but effective aspect to the specification proves highly intuitive and should prevent phoning home at an inopportune hour. A small, attractive detail is the depiction of the midnight hour in red, matching the tip found on the central seconds hand. Indeed, one key strength of the design language selected by IWC is the restricted and judicious palette of colors employed.

The case

Presented in stainless steel, the case of this replica watch is contemporary but remains visually reminiscent of the Ingenieur SL, penned nearly 40 years ago by design genius Gérald Genta. A key reason for this familiarity is the bezel, punctuated with five holes similar to the iconic model of 1976.


Crown protectors grace the right hand side of the case, according a robust mien. The steel case and bracelet predominantly feature a satin brush polish, tempering the character of the replica watch still further. This is not a replica watch for those who choose to conspicuously consume, this is a model which evinces a graceful and refined air.