Bell & Ross Carbon Leather Strap Replica Watch

I have a feeling of same or same or kind of article. Almost the same B&R best replica watches model as the ones I got before, almost the same color combination, almost the same looks and for the untrained eye almost the same everything pretty much.


Well, I’ll agree with you on about half of it but God knows I cannot get enough of these hot, bulky, big, square simple replica Bell & Ross watches… And yes, they are all different and I they look so good on the hand, of course if you like big watches. Otherwise, you’re not going to be very impressed by fake Bell & Ross watches in general.


All black dial with just white markings and markers. Simple Bell & Ross logo markings just like the original would have. Hands are also like two thirds white and when setting the time you see that they have that nice aircraft-like propeller blade rotation giving away the Bell & Ross ultimate inspiration – the airplane gadgets. Yes, for those of you who didn’t know the old airplane instruments are the inspiration for this unique design brand and overall looks? There’s nothing else like the Bell & Ross watches out there. They have black and stainless steel cases and also the newer carbon fiber black cases which I also reviewed.

This is a simple watch. Time only, no date window, powered by a Japanese automatic movement that gives the seconds hand a good sweep. This is a day watch because those white markings do not glow in the dark so you cannot see much on it at night without any lighting. I always wanted a more casual B&R Carbon replica because the rubber band ones are just too sporty of a feel for me. This is why I could not resist this leather band one. Simple and stylish enough I’d dare to say but then again very easy to accessorize and you don’t need to worry about impressing with a big B&R 01-92 replica watch like this one.


You just slam it on your wrist and it does all the work by itself. Funny thing is that even if not all of us enjoy wearing this king of big bulky watches we all like looking at them or seeing them on other people. This is the feeling I get most of the times. People say something like: “it’s not something I’d wear everyday but I like how it looks”. Check out some more pics and tell me what you think about this fake Bell & Ross Carbon watch.