Let Us Review The Omega Globemaster Men's Replica

Let Us Review The Omega Globemaster Men’s Replica

Those who know me know that I’m a big fan of Omega as Best Swiss Replica Watches, so when I was asked to be one of the aBlogtoreplica watch team members who would test-drive an Omega Globemaster Replica for a few months, I gladly accepted. I’m also keen on the bygone Omega Constellation models, so the Globemaster with its “pie-pan dial” and “C-shape case” was an intriguing model for me to wear.
Let Us Review The Omega Globemaster Men's Replica
Note that while I, Matt Smith-Johnson, am doing the main Omega replica watch review, other members of the aBlogtoreplica watch team will weigh in at points below with their thoughts on Omega’s Globemaster collection and their respective experiences.
Let Us Review The Omega Globemaster Men's Replica
Each ABTW team member got to pick which Omega Globemaster Replica they wanted to wear, and for me that had to be the all-stainless-steel model with silver dial and bracelet. For me, the all-silver look means you pay much more attention to the individual finishes and lines of the design. You can lose some of those details when the replica watch uses a few colours or different kinds of material. An all-steel replica watch, on the other hand, needs to have a solid design foundation to work. It’s sort of like driving an all white car — it’s got to have a great silhouette, or it looks like you’re driving a cheap refrigerator.
That said, I am also a huge fan of the yellow gold version, especially on the alligator strap. In fact, I really love how the leather looks on the Globemaster. Since I’m already a fan, however, I figure the steel bracelet levels out the playing field and my personal bias enough to make this a fair review. Now, let’s get down to brass tacks.

From what I have gathered after years of replica watchnerdery, the name Globemaster comes from the name originally given to US market Constellations in the mid 1950s. This was due to a legal dispute with Lockheed Martin, as their warplane-become-civilian-transport was called the Constellation, affectionately known as the “Connie.” If you spend a bit of time on Google, or fall into an Omega forums click-hole, you can find some images of these non-branded Globemasters from the 1950s. You could also just take my word for it and spend your time like a surface-dwelling human being.

Surface-dwelling aside, what’s really neat is that Omega had actually stamped some pre-pie-pan dials with the Globemaster name. If you can find one of these, you’ll notice the contemporary Globemaster uses the exact same script treatment on its dial. It’s an interesting callback, and I have no idea why Omega decided to resurrect this long-forgotten naming convention.