Grade 1 Replica Watches Graham – Graham at Technicolor in Baselworld

In 2017, Graham made quite a splash with its Nose Art watches, which were original, creative, fun, slightly cheeky, but elegant at the same time. Their dials sported knockout pin-up girls in a spirit of 1940s and 50s Americana. What happened last year was far from ordinary, and the implications were much bigger than a successful limited edition would normally entail. Graham had brought its Chronofighter to the attention of a wider public. Up to that point, the XXL-format watch was largely unknown except to a select audience of extreme watch collectors. The Nose Art range changed all that. It was up to Graham to build on the momentum in 2018.

Subtle hues

The watchmaker has come to Baselworld with three responses. First, there’s the Grand Vintage collection. It’s a relatively straightforward exercise: the same blues and greens that have largely dominated Baselworld this year (after black and grey), distressed straps, lightly smoked dials and a generous 47 mm diameter. The recipe has been an instant success, even if there are plenty of other brands at Baselworld using the same combination of ingredients. Conclusion: a good product but perhaps missing that star quality. 

Graham in Technicolor at Baselworld

New Grand Vintage models with a leather strap © Graham

Graham in Technicolor at Baselworld

New Grand Vintage models with a rubber strap © Graham

Graham’s second response is the Chronofighter Superlight. We caught a glimpse of it before Basel. This is a far more original creation: XXL format but ultra-light and colourful. The company has deployed no fewer than nine references, none of which weighs more than 100 grams, including strap. This watch marks a return to Graham’s rebellious spirit, with combinations of colours and materials that pay little mind to existing conventions.

Graham in Technicolor at Baselworld

The Chronofighter Superlight Carbon in different colours © Graham

From Nose to Noise

Graham’s third and final riposte takes the codes of the successful Nose Art series and transfers them into a new model known affectionately in-house as… Noise Art! The idea is to move from a military-inspired series to a collection that conveys the rock ‘n roll spirit of the same era (the 40s and 50s), channelling images of drive-in movies and Happy Days.

Graham in Technicolor at Baselworld

Noise Art: Chloé and Lucia © Graham

Linda, Belle, Chloe and Lucia take up provocative poses on black, grey and blue dials in four limited series of 100 watches each. For the time being, the recipe still seems fresh and innocent. In 2019 the novelty will probably have worn off, and we can expect Graham to either retire its pin-ups or give them some kind of makeover. For instance, they would lend themselves to animation, with a leg indicating the time, or they could bring in some SuperLumiNova. That will ensure that this cult double collection, Nose Art and its successor, Noise Art, remain prized collectors’ items.

Graham in Technicolor at Baselworld

Noise Art: Belle and Linda © Graham

The miniature Copernican system will exhibit 100 successive years of planetary motion, with two extra graduations of 100 years producing 300 total years of accurate demonstration. On top of this blue-lacquered dial, Gregorian and Zodiac calendars encircle the tourbillon bridge and can be read by the placement of the turquoise ground figurine.With such a celestial viewpoint, this is the kind of timepiece that arouses a romantic interpretation of the passing hours and minutes rather than one of pure functionality. By creating a living monument to the solar system on the wrist, the Graham watches arabic Replica watchmakers are providing a God’s eye perspective into the middle of something all of humanity is affected by, but may never see in the outside.Check out the other watches which debuted at WatchTime New York this year: The TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition, The Longines Navigation BigEye, The Bremont 1918 Limited Edition, and four new A. Lange &; S?hne timepieces with gloomy dials.Love it or hate it, the tendency of the vintage-inspired watch appears to show no signs of slowing down. For sure, these watches might lack creativity by definition; but in exactly the exact same time, it has also given rise to a genuinely great new watches such as Tag Heuer’s Autavia and Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Master Geographic. In any situation, you will find loads more of these watches being published, but one of the most fascinating new pieces is the limited edition Graham Chronofighter Vintage Aircraft Ltd.. Let us take a look at why this collection of vintage-inspired watches is worthy of attention.