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Inspired by George Graham’s invention of the first Orrery in 1713, the Geo-Graham Orrery Tourbillon marries horology and astronomy. Sealing the union are genuine, carved elements of Mars and the Moon. Representing their namesakes in each watch, these materials enable celestial bodies to get in touch with their earthly side. The heart and soul of the piece is a manual orrery tourbillon exclusively crafted for Graham by Christophe Claret, evolved from the 2013 Graham anniversary edition. Rooted in the age of enlightenment three centuries ago, this horological masterpiece incorporates a 300-year calendar to carry enlightened timekeeping into the future.

As a former commander-in-chief of the Swiss Army, Eric Loth isn’t a stranger to the military lifestyle historically associated with the company he now heads. What makes him unique is his dual background in engineering and design which has shaped him into an intellectual, forward-thinking innovator in his company’s product designs as well as its corporate philosophy as a personally accountable member of the worldwide community.Eric Loth informs me that in the past, the company partnered with many organizations that were pure licensing agreements (i.e., we put the name on it, and pay you a royalty). “One day, I just realized that I found it all very dry. I started to think very differently and wanted to add in a human touch. I wanted it to mean something to humankind and really do something that created change,” he tells us.t was this idea of a “human touch” after his ah-ha minute that motivated him, his activities, and consequently, all the partnerships which Graham Watches has collaborated on since that time. Looking towards the future, Loth informs me he already has partnerships in the works with schools in Taiwan, aspiring watchmakers in Switzerland, and despite all the English military — all personally chosen by him and curated with his desire to mint his international citizenship.

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As a brand that’s gone by what some consider a radical change over the last 20 years since Loth took the helm, many are wondering exactly what to expect next. These days, however, Loth confirms to us that Graham watches online Replica Watches has finally hit it’s stride, and the essential projects they have helped build during this time of growth, not just for the new but for the global community, has generated a solid future which we’ll see develop through our younger generations. In reality, he believes that we will look back and recognize that history has been created now. As they say, watch what occurs next.Price for the Graham Chronofighter Oversize Navy SEAL Foundation featured in this article is $8,050, and it’s limited to 500 pieces, using a portion of each sale going into the Navy SEAL Foundation.Graham has just announced a new version of its Moon Watch, which has an outsized moon phase indicator and flying tourbillon. It now comes in a 18k white gold case, with a dark sapphire bezel and a black dial adorned with diamonds — all brought together in an effort to make the beautiful and colossal Moon stand out on the dial even more.For this season, Graham is releasing a new variant of its Graham Geo.Graham The Moon Watch that is similar in most facets, but has an 18k white gold case and black dial instead. It’s difficult to choose between them both, but I believe this new black dial version catches the spirit of the moon more fully and I particularly like the way that it contrasts against the diamonds that are set from the dial. To wrap it all up, this new Graham Geo.Graham The Moon Watch also has a black Milky Way sapphire painted bezel.The new Graham Geo.Graham The Moon in white gold will include a matching black crocodile strap and will be restricted to only 8 pieces, and is priced at $295,000.

Affording a presence all over Europe, the Anglo-Swiss brand with petrol in its veins and heritage is joining forces with the Club Porsche Romand in a comprehensive branding partnership. This will cover everything from visibility at eight European circuits, including the Autodromo do Estoril in Portugal and the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, to social media collaborations.

A new partnership with Club Porsche Romand

Motor racing has played a crucial role in Graham’s history in terms of direct involvement and product inspiration. Sponsorship of the Brawn GP F1 team from 2009 to 2011 was rapidly followed by cooperations with the Swiss Porsche Cup, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, the Baja 1000, the GT Asia Series and the Sprengler Cup. Association with the famous Silverstone circuit in the UK and the role of official timekeeper of the Swiss Gurnigel Hill Race have complemented an already impressive portfolio.