Different Ecological new retail and secondary market paradox replica watches industry

As Patek Philippe that familiar classic advertising slogan – “No one can have a Patek Philippe, but kept it for the next generation.” Watchmaking brand is always taken pains to emphasize the intrinsic quality and lasting performance timepieces, which gives people the impression wrist Table quality is not as time goes by and changes impression. However, at the same time, watch brands are still on the broad market ripe Without secondary table see, even, do not consider giving them a more euphemistic name.

Different Ecological new retail and secondary market paradox replica watches industry

December 3, 2015, 19 th replica watches market seminars (International Symposium of Watch Marketing) in Ruishi Saud held closed, and finally to the growing number of participants in the secondary table market cast a little look of concern. A spokesman at the meeting discussed the two different mutually exclusive world of ambiguity contradictory place, one for luxury retailer of new markets, and the second is already profitable secondary table market bestreplica.me.

In recent years, trading second-hand luxury goods boom, single table is used per year global market turnover can reach billions of dollars. Over the past two decades because of the luxury market recorded significant growth mainly two: the arrival of new technologies and the changing buying habits. Through private sales, auctions, loan, exchange and lease, changed hands replica watches a growing number of Internet is another important driving force in the link buyers and sellers, the latter showing endless potential. Marketing around the world each year the number of new orders in this exciting market situation markedly encouraged. 2014, Swiss Patek Philippe replica watch exports amounted to 5,000,000, with an average value of more than 500 Swiss francs.

The auction house is another major player in second-hand luxury market. Auction sales first appeared in ancient Rome, as a means of distribution of booty. With Sotheby’s (1744) and Christie’s (1766) founding the modern auction end is taking shape. Two centuries later, in 1974, Antiquorum Geneva became the first auction dedicated timepiece.

Since in the past, the channel has become the industry reference can not be ignored, and sufficient to have an impact on the new market. Once the auction was only antique clocks and pocket replica watches, but a modern auction, in some cases, 95% of the lots were released soon watch. The most notable achievements from patek philippe geneve swiss made, on a regular basis to create a record of the brand price. November 14, 1989, Antiquorum organized its first single brand meter auctions 231 when Patek Philippe replica watches, including French actor Fernandel in 1945 for his purchase of that one. From publishing to the auction, the time and did not go very far, prices are soaring. Patek Philippe also create a precedent to encourage secondary sheet transactions, as a means to add to the aura of the brand. It is worth mentioning that, Patek Philippe timepiece almost all auction record. November 2014, one Patek Philippe pocket replica watches sold for $ 24 million price, refresh WATCH auction record.

Expanding secondary table market, the brand will adversely affect it? Not, Christian Odin affirmative way, as long as market players can play by the rules, the brand more closely involved. Niche brand Louis Moinet CEO Jean-Marie Schaller has been invited to attend the round table, and make a summary judgment on the situation: “I have bought some of Mr. Louis Moinet timepieces outstanding lifetime production at auction, including time Measurement history of its first chronograph, (participate in the auction) will undoubtedly enhance the brand’s reputation for great benefit. But I have seen in the online brand replica watches, dirty or stolen goods or (as a gift) Upon receipt of transfer sale price is only one-quarter or even a fifth should be valuable. Obviously, this brand image is very negative.