Show You The Replica Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002G

The rear dial also features intricately detailed enamel work to portray the northern sky and in the display for the moon phase. The hour markers are white gold and are inlaid over the enamel work and the shade of blue used for the dial is nothing short of stunning. While I am far from an expert in enameling techniques, I can appreciate the final product and the way in which the two different styles compliment each other. More replica Patek Philippe watches reviews.

Covered in obsessively intricate engraving and featuring beautiful enamel work on both the front and rear dials, the Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002G ensures no space goes without its fair share of embellishment and decoration.
The center of the dial features the cloisonné styling with the outer dial relying on the champlevé for all of the blue-colored elements.
The base of the dial is made from gold that functions like a tray for both champlevé and cloisonné enameling, two different styles of enamel work that require a high degree of skill and a great deal of patience. Replica Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002G boasts some truly amazing dial work. Think about that, literally two and a half weeks of work to carve this case from a large chunk of white gold. The case of replica Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002G is executed in 18k white gold and measures 43.5 x 18mm. One of the main elements of this new design is the case engraving which requires over 100 hours of careful attention to complete. The intricate design requires a true artist and even extends to the minute repeater lever and to the crowns, where the engraving helps to relay information on winding direction and crown function.