Hands-on With Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Mens Replica

For those who aren’t heavily invested in the world of Rolex replica watches, it is very common to hear about the “bread and butter” of the vintage category, namely, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust. It is a series of replica watches spanning decades, and, from its first year of mass manufacturing in 1945 to the 2012 production of the Datejust II and even newer models today, the piece has commanded the everyday wrist-love of thousands, if not millions, of replica watch aficionados and normal, sane people alike.

Hands-on With Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Mens Replica
Today, the Datejust combines the continued tradition of being a classic staple Rolex Oyster Perpetual replica watch, with the modern demands that arise from being a mainstay of one of the world’s most recognizable brands.  As such, the modern series endures an amalgam of critiques and praise from the opinions of “Vintage Eyed” types such as myself, along with the mostly sustained love of luxury consumers searching for a specific color combination in a good-looking replica watch.

Hands-on With Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Mens Replica
The first piece we are going to cover this week is from the classic Rolex Datejust 36 collection, (“36” for 36-mm case), the Reference 116234 (below). While this reference covers a majority of the variations within the modern series, the specific piece we will look at is a rather attractive blue, sunburst-dialed replica watch.

As I mentioned before, the replica watch measures 36 mm in diameter in a steel-and-white-gold case housing inside Rolex’s in-house automatic Caliber 3135. It has a sunburst blue dial with applied white gold Roman numerals for hour markers (the descendant of what is often called a “Buckley” dial in the vintage realm), a date window with accompanying familiar cyclops lens for the 3 o‘clock date display, and the iconic Rolex crown logo, also applied, in white gold at the 12 o’clock mark. Some other distinctly “Rolex” features to notice are the fluted bezel; the faint, repeating corporate logo on the outermost section of the dial; the jubilee bracelet; and the solid caseback protecting the movement. The Datejust 36 series begins around $5,000 for all-steel models, but can reach much higher depending on level of bling, rarity, and materials used.

This particular reference does a good job of respecting its vintage forebears — with the Buckley-esque hour markers, jubilee bracelet, and solid caseback, it reminds me very much of the Reference 1601 and 1603 Datejusts that I come into contact with on a regular basis. But at its heart, this replica watch is neither of these vintage references, nor is it one of the original pieces from the 1940s. The Roman numeral hour markers are applied instead of printed, the hands lack a historically featured luminescence, and the lugs have become much more pronounced on the modern piece. The replica watch, while it clearly is a part of the distinct Datejust bloodline, also has many of its own modern flairs.

The only overt issue I take with the piece is its price relative to the vintage models; vintage Rolex Datejusts are very popular in that market because they are first, relatively accessible and second, incredibly good-looking — very much “bang for your buck.” As this is the case, it is unsurprising to me that so many Rolex lovers are being drawn into the world of vintage replica watches; if I could have a mint-condition, pre-owned Datejust for potentially half the price of a new, modern one, it seems odd to me to pay more for contemporary features (such as the engraved, outer repeating “ROLEX,” as seen below) that I might not necessarily desire. Even armed with this knowledge, however, it’s still unlikely that consumers will be drawn en masse toward vintage options; of course, Rolex knows this and updates its new replica watches accordingly — perhaps even enough to urge some of those “vintage guys” to purchase modern pieces.

The Meaning Of Rolex Oyster Perpetual Replica Watches?

Certainly, you’ve obrserved these words marked around the dial of Rolex replica watch: “OYSTER PERPETUAL”. Sure, it may sound excellent and all sorts of, what will it really mean? It’s some unique and outstanding purpose of feature of the Rolex piece? Well, the simple truth is not even close to this initial impression. To merely place it, it’s really a marketing trick to create rolex watches look and appearance much more complex, costly and special than the others actually are.

The Meaning Of Rolex Oyster Perpetual Replica Watches?

The actual meaning of “Rolex Oyster Perpetual Replica” refers to what all pricey automatic movement have: “Perpetual” means that these replica watches have a continous self-winding mechanism and “Oyster” means the water resistant case Rolex uses. There is nothing that complicated or that innovative about the phrase “Oyster Perpetual” so do not be afraid that your replica watch might not respect this Rolex feature, because it does. All automatic watches are perpetual and replica Rolex manufacturers guarantee us that we can use the knockoff while washing our hands or in the rain.

Indeed, Rolex is very proud with its high quality automatic movements. The company is famous for creating some of the most exquisite and complicated mechanisms on the market, but these do not bring any innovations to its users. The only thing special about Rolex movements is their quality and high craftmanship. The result of this fact is an extreme accuracy and an unmatched durability. A Rolex watch can last you for a life time. The “Perpetual” marking is just a way of reminding everyone that Rolex watches show perfect time thanks to a continous and flawless motion. On the other hand, a couple hundred dollars Rolex replica watch will only have a 2-4 years life span, but it costs only a fraction of the original watch’s price.

Rolex was the first companu to ever launch a completely waterproof case. This happened in 1926, when it introduced a one of a kind sealing system which included a perfectly waterproofed screw down crown, caseback and winding crown. The term “Oyster” suggest the complex case that was designed to seal and protect the inside mechanism of a genuine Rolex watch. Of course, Rolex replica watches can not offer the same degree of water proofness. For example, genuine Rolex watches have a hermetic construction, allowing professional divers to submerge with the timepiece to depths of 100 meters, 300 meters or 3900 meters, depending on that particular model. The watch that dived to the highest depth is the Rolex DeepSea.

The Rolex Oyster system is equipped with a unique winding crown, which is beautifully crafted. it is constructed from two different parts and it is connected to the case by usig a small tube. Rolex Company is the owner of this very innovative water resistant winding crown. This part of the watch is designed to serve as a intermediary between the sealed inside and the moisty outside. By using a rubber seal, the caseback completely seals the inside mechanism when it is screwed into place. Also, the crystal is tighten onto the bezel by using an inner lip which also fas the function of sealling the case.

At the moment, Rolex is the true owner of the screw down crown, which is the most important part of the Oyster system, but the company is not the one that had invented this smart sealing piece. The screw down crown was developed by Paul Perregaux and Geirges Peret, but they decided to sell this invention to Rolex. Soon after this happened, the company introduced its new Oyster models. The first woman to swim the English Channel was Mercedes Gleitze and she did this in 1927 when she worn a Rolex Oyster. Her record was ptomoted intensively with the only goal of making people aware of the novely that the Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches represented.

Nowadays, all luxury designer watches have almost the same extreme water proof capabilities as Rolex does, just that they don’t show it off that much. If you were thinking of buying a Rolex Oyster Perpetual replica watch then relax.Oyster Perpetual is just a complicated and fancy way of saying that the watch is waterproof or that it has a self winding mechanism.